Sunday, March 19, 2017

"The Book of Mormon" musical comes to Sweden!!!!!!

The Swedish premier of the musical, "The Book of Mormon" was January 26, 2017 at the China Theatre in downtown Stockholm.  We have been engaged in months of planning with the Public Relations Committee for the church here in Sweden, in order to make sure that we, as members of the church, could help people here from real live members of the church as to our beliefs.

Shipments of Books of Mormon arrived from Germany, so that we could be prepared to tell people, "You've seen the musical, now read the book.  The book is always better."  We have so far to date, given out more than 5000 Books of Mormon to theatre patrons.  What a blessing to flood Stockholm with the Book of Mormon.  Now let the spirit begin to move people to seek for the truth.

The China Theatre in downtown Stockholm.

The troops are loaded up and ready to invite people to read the Book of Mormon.

 Sister Beckstrand with Felix Sahlin, ready to pass out Books of Mormon to the theatre folks as they exit the theatre.

Elder Reed and Elder Richardson, ready to go!!!!!!

As people exit the theatre, our missionary force (missionaries and members) are there to invite people to have a copy of their own Book of Mormon and to read the book.

 Elder Frankman, loaded up, and enjoying this wonderful event.

Every night after the performance, we run out of Books of Mormon, as people want their own copy to read.  Isn't it great to see how the Lord can work miracles through things that might seem discouraging.  The Book of Mormon is true and there is no denying that it has power to change lives 
 of the honest in heart.

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