Sunday, August 31, 2014

Gospel is Spreading!

Baptismal picture from some of our Sister Missionaries and their baptismal candidate
Baptismal picture from Stockholm area.  From left to right are Elder Johnson, Elder Lofgren, Harold, YSA member leaving for his mission to New Zealand, and Elder Faylor.
 From left to right, Liam, Elder Ahlstrom, and Elder Morley.

Baptismal pictures for Sergei in Norrland, Luleå Branch.  From left to right, Elder Archibald, Sergei, Elder Noso, member, Sister Eborn, and Sister Bolton.
Peter's baptism in Luleå Branch.  Pictured left to right, Elder Noso, Peter, Elder Workman.  Second Picture, Sister Faux, Sister Eborn, Peter, Elder Workman, and Elder Noso.

 Baptismal picture for Catherine.  From left to right, Elder Kapp, Catherine, and Elder Simas.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

On Tour

On Wednesday, August 20, 2014, we were honored to have President and Sister Teixeira, President of the Europe West Area, visit our mission.  Here is a group photo of the 5 northern zones at the Västerhaninge Chapel, by the temple, with President and Sister Teixeira, on the left side of the photo.

 President and Sister Teixeira getting ready to enjoy lunch at the Stockholm Tour.
 A group photo of the missionaries enjoying lunch at the Stockholm Tour.
 President and Sister Beckstrand enjoying a lunch moment with President and Sister Teixeira at the Stockholm Tour.  August 20, 2014.

Enjoying lunch at the Stockholm Tour for President and Sister Teixeira.

August 21, 2014.  Group photo of the missionaries and President and Sister Teixeira at the Göteborg Tour.
The Göteborg Tour with President and Sister Teixeira enjoying lunch.  We learned so many things that will help us hasten the Lord's work here in this beautiful land.  We have a great group of missionaries and we know that with the Lord's help, all things are possible.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sweet is the Work

 August 2, 2014.  Baptism of Ceclia in Borås, standing with some of the Elders who were instrumental in teaching her the gospel of Jesus Christ.

August 2, 2014, a beautiful day for a baptism, as Ceclia and Elder Mangum stand in a beautiful river in Sweden.

Sister Beckstrand with Elders Hansen and Stafford as they prepare to take a "selfie" showing Sister Beckstrand's glasses.  Göteborg, Sweden, at the Västra Frölunda chapel, August 11, 2014.
August 12, 2014.  Zone Training with the Helsingborg Zone held at the church in Jönköping.  Group photo of those who attended with a few extra guests.

 Visiting with one another at the Zone Training in Jönköping on August 12, 2014.

 More visiting at Zone Training in Jönköping, which was focused on "Obedience".
August 13, 2014.  Couples farewell dinner held at the mission home.  A great meal was enjoyed by all as we say a fond "Goodbye" to Elder and Sister Herrey and Elder and Sister Sorenson.  These couples have served so faithfully in their assignments and will be greatly missed. 
From left, Elder Herrey, Sister Herrey, Sister Sorenson, Elder Sorenson, Sister Beckstrand, Elder Tolley, Sister Tolley, Elder Lowry, and Sister Lowry.

Elder and Sister Sorenson pointing to their home for the last year, Uppsala.  They truly blessed the lives of the members in this great ward.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Time in Gotland

August 2, 2014, Baptismal service for Doreen in Hägersten.  Pictured with Elders James and Beck.

 August 6, 2014, on Gotland, Visby Branch.  Enjoying lunch with Elder and Sister Herrey are Elders Mangum and Haddon and Sister Beckstrand.
 Elder Herrey standing out in front of the little wood home which served as the meeting place for the Latter-Day Saints back in the 1800s on the Island of Gotland.   August 6, 2014.
  Baptismal service for Hamid on August 2, 2014, pictured with Elders Dahle and Hansen.

 A beautiful Thursday morning on Gotland as we get ready to head back to the mainland for duties in Stockholm.  August 7, 2014.

A wonderful meal with Elder and Sister Anyanwu, Elder and Sister Herrey, Elders Mangum and Haddon and Sister Beckstrand at the Visby, Gotland branch building prior to the fireside presented by President and Sister Beckstrand to the branch members and investigators.  August 6, 2014.

 As we say goodbye to Elder Herrey after a great visit to Gotland and the Visby branch.  Elder Haddon with Elder Herrey at their apartment.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Final Farewell

Well, after our new missionaries left, President and Sister Beckstrand hurried out to the temple to be with our missionaries who have completed honorable missions.  A great time was had enjoying a final temple visit with these fine missionaries. 
 July 23, 2014.  Pictured are from left to right, bottom row, Sister Sjöblom, Sister Beckstrand, Sister Lowe, Sister Larsen, Sister Ryan, Sister Faux, Sister Kalt, Sister Clause, Sister Sorenson.  Back row, President Beckstrand, Elder Papenfuss, Elder Niemenen, Elder Longfellow, Elder Marcus, Elder Svensson, and Elder Martinsson.

A farewell dinner and toast to those ready to depart for new adventures in life.  Thank you for your service to The Lord.

Assignment Time

July 23, 2014.  Well after more training from the mission staff and President and Sister Beckstrand, it was time for our new missionaries to open their assignment letter which tells them where The Lord will send them and who their trainer will be.  It was so great to see the excitement and love expressed to our new missionaries from a great group of trainers.
 Sister Austin will be serving in Norrköping with Sister Smith as her trainer.

 Sister Beckstrom will be serving in Jönköping with Sister Anderson as her trainer.
 Sister Sorenson will be serving in Jönköping with Sister Fawcett as her trainer.
 Sister Salcedo will be serving in Södertälje with Sister Miller as her trainer.
 Sister Sandberg will be serving in Södertälje with Sister Pieksma as her trainer.
 Sister King will be serving in Karlskrona with Sister Carlson as her trainer.
 Sister Sandelin will be serving in Västerhaninge with Sister Gambles as her trainer.
 Sister Demille will be serving in Borås with Sister Byrd as her trainer.
 Sister Powell will be serving in Katrineholm with Sister Christison as her trainer.
                       Sister Bolton will be serving in Luleå with Sister Eborn as her trainer.

 Elder Mott will be serving in Stockholm with Elder Moe as his trainer.
 Elder Israelsen will be serving in Örebro with Elder Held as his trainer.
 Elder Nelson will be serving in Borlänge with Elder Lundquist as his trainer.
 Elder Burgin will be serving in Malmö with Elder Simmons as his trainer.
 Elder Rhoades will be serving in Umeå with Elder Ward as his trainer.
 Elder Archibald will be serving in Luleå with Elder Noso as his trainer.
Elder Featherstone will be serving in Jakobsberg with Elder Krebs as his trainer.

 Elder Walker will be serving in Vendelsö with Elder Cushing as his trainer.
And last but not least, President and Sister Beckstrand are assigned to labor throughout Sweden, from North to South.
 After all the excitement of receiving the news as to where our new missionaries will be serving, they were fed a traditional Swedish meal of Svenska Köttbullar och potatis mos.
After the nice meal, it was off to the train station and the airport to travel to their new homes.  May The Lord bless these great young people as they are engaged in His service.