Monday, January 26, 2015


 Baptism of Marcus in Västra Frölunda, January 17, 2015.  Pictured are Sister Spencer, Marcus, and Sister Christison.

Baptismal service of Nils in Örebro on January 3, 2015.  Pictured are in front row;  Elder Trotter and Elder Orr.  Back row: Sister Sandelin, Sister Johanson, Elder Taggart, Elder Brown, Nils, and Elder Albertsen.

Baptismal service for Amy in Jönköping on January 10, 2015.  Pictured left to right are;  Sister Bolton, Amy, and Sister Gardner.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

New Assignments

Well, the day has arrived to find out where these new missionaries will serve and who will be their trainers.  Sister Giles will have Sister King as her trainer.

 Sister Giles will be serving in Gävle with Sister King.
 Sister Brink will have Sister Allred as her trainer.

 Sister Brink will be serving in Karlskrona with Sister Allred.
Sister Irene will have Sister Sandelin as her trainer.

 Sister Irene will be serving in Örebro with Sister Sandelin.
Sister Stoughton will have Sister Powell as her trainer.

 Sister Stoughton will be serving in Borås with Sister Powell.
Sister Gardner will have Sister Bolton as her trainer.

 Sister Gardner will be serving in Jönköping with Sister Bolton.
 Sister Bateman will have Sister Austin as her trainer.

 Sister Bateman will be serving in Malmö with Sister Austin.
 Elder Simonsen will have Elder Silvennoinen as his trainer.

 Elder Simonsen will be serving in Karlskrona with Elder Silvennoinen.
 Elder Larson will have Elder Elinkowski as his trainer.

 Elder Larson will be serving in Boden with Elder Elinkowski.
Elder Backman will have Elder Ahlstrom as his trainer.

 Elder Backman will be serving in Västerås with Elder Ahlstrom.
Elder Duwors will have Elder Roosendaal as his trainer.

 Elder Duwors will be serving in Utby with Elder Roosendaal.
Elder Scott will have Elder Dahle as his trainer.

 Elder Scott will be serving in Karlstad with Elder Dahle.
 Elder Linchenko will have Elder Johnson as his trainer.

 Elder Linchenko will be serving in Lund with Elder Johnson.
Elder Moody will have Elder Barnes as his trainer.

 Elder Moody will be serving in Kungsbacka with Elder Barnes.

Elder and Sister Britton will be serving in Stockholm with the Records Preservation program, working with the Swedish Military Archives.
Elder and Sister Tolley have been serving as our Apartment Couple and cruising up and down the entire country of Sweden helping to secure safe and sound dwelling places for our missionaries.  They have done a tremendous job for us and we love them for their selfless service.

 Well, after the assignments have been made and delivered, we enjoy a final meal together before everyone ships off with their new companions to their new destinations.

And we say a fond farewell to Elder Stinnett, who leaves us after spending the last 4 months in the office.  He has been wonderful and now is headed to Handen to assume his new Zone Leader role.  Good luck to you Elder Stinnett!

The New Year begins

Sunday, December 28, 2014, we were greeted on our way home from church with this fantastic Sun Dog.  So brilliant that it was like we had three suns shining down on us.

 Monday, December 29, 2014, we had a wonderful temple session with this great group of missionaries returning home from serving honorable missions.  This big group will leave a large void in our mission.  Well done, thou good and faithful servants!  Pictured left to right, 1st row, President and Sister Beckstrand, Sister Zhang, Sister Dawson, Sister Guinn, Sister Eborn, Sister Smith, and Sister LaFontaine.  2nd row, Elder Cahill, Elder Schwabedisssen, Elder Farley, Elder Hills, Sister Byrd, Sister Anderson, and Elder Miller.  3rd row, Elder Johnson, Elder Bilodeau, Elder Higham, Elder Forsyth, Elder Miles, Elder Gentillon, Elder Simmons, and Elder Stafford.  4th row, Elder Judd, Elder Mangum, Elder Lambson, Elder Keele, and Elder Hansen.

On Sunday, January 4, 2015, Elder and Sister Brown came to the mission home to spend their last night in Sweden with us.  They have completed their mission and will return home in the morning.  We appreciate their dedicated service to the people of Sweden and they will be missed.

 On Monday, January 5, 2015, we picked up a solo Elder, Elder Joshua Duwors arrived in Stockholm from the Rapid City South Dakota Mission.  He has been serving there while waiting for his visa to come.  We are glad to finally get him here to Sweden.  Pictured left to right are, President and Sister Beckstrand, Elder Mangum, Elder Lambson, Elder Duwors, Elder Allen, Elder Brown, Elder Stinnett, Sister Taylor and Elder Taylor.

 On Tuesday, January 6, 2015, we received this great group from the Provo MTC.  Pictured left to right are, Elder Mangum, Elder Linchenko, Elder Lambson, Elder Allen, Elder Scott, Sister Gardner, Elder Simonsen, Sister Bateman, Elder Backman, Sister Irene, Elder Larson, Sister Stoughton, Elder Moody, Sister Giles, Elder Duwors, Sister Brink, Sister Tolley, Elder Brown, Elder Stinnett, Sister Taylor, Eldeeeeeer Tolley, Elder Taylor, Sister and President Beckstrand.

 Loading up the luggage outside of Arlanda Airport in Stockholm.

 We took the new group out to Västerhaninge to see the temple.  As you can see, we have lost our daylight and it is around 3:30 PM.

Here they are at the entrance to the temple, pictured left to right, front row, Sister Brink, Sister Giles, Sister Irene, Sister Stoughton, Sister Bateman, Sister Gardner, Sister and President Beckstrand.  Back row, Elder Backman, Elder Simonsen, Elder Larson, Elder Linchenko, Elder Moody, Elder Scott, and Elder Duwors.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

More Baptisms

Baptism of Carl Fredrik in Västra Frölunda.  Pictured are Elder Lofgren, Carl Fredrik, and Elder Gentillon.

Baptism  of Mosoud in Hägersten.  Pictured are Elder Farnworth, Mosoud, and Elder Nielsen.