Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Wheels on the Bus

On the bus, ready for our trip into Stockholm.  Elder Knecht is passing out a small snack bag and bottle of water to all of our lucky guests.  And yes, on the expressway, the bus brakes down.  So, we wait for a replacement bus to rescue us and then we are off again.

One more time, ready, set and go!

We stop for a photo op outside of the Nobel Building in Stockholm, where the banquet is held each year honoring the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize winner.

Familiar Faces

The arrival of the Beckstrand's very first group of Swedish missionaries from Provo.  July 23, 2014.  Very tired and extremely glad to be on Swedish soil.

Off to the bus we go to see a little bit of Stockholm and start the brutal orientation that all new missionaries receive.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Baptism Time

Baptismal service for Sonja Omohumen and her son, Oliver, on Saturday, July 19, 2014.  Pictured are left to right:  Elder Schwabedissen, Sonja Omohumen, Oliver Omohumen, Sister Phyllis Ofosuah, and Elder Steen.

A Welcome Arrival

The arrival of our first new Sister Missionary, Sara Sandelin, from the Preston England MTC.  From left to right are Elders Haddon and Mangum, Assistants, Elder Lowry, Sister Sandelin, Sister Beckstrand, President Beckstrand and Sister Lowry.  July 16, 2014.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Baptism, Meetings, and a Race!

July 7, 2014.  Baptismal service for Francesca Cabel at the Gubbangen Chapel in Stockholm.  Left to right are Syster Bass, Rosie Guerra, Syster Swenson, Syster Gambles, Jerry Guerra, Francesca Cabel, Elder Moe, Elder Niemenen, and Paulino Guerra.

 Wednesday, July 9, 2014.  Our Mission Leadership Council which was held in Taby Ward Chapel in Stockholm.  The council is made up of Syster Training Leaders, Zone Leaders, Office Elders, Assistants to the President, and our Senior Couple Training Leaders.  This meeting is where we outlined our mission vision for the next three years and had discusssion on how we can achieve the vision.

More members of the Mission Leadership Council.

  Elders Barker and Packer.
 Our Assistants, Elders Mangum and Haddon, teaching us to be awesome and change the world.

Elders Anderson and Farley.

 Thursday, July 10, 2014, we had Zone Training for the Stockholm Zone.  The District Leaders in the Zone are instructed on the information provided in the Mission Leadership Council Meeting.  Zone Leaders are expected to provide great training on the concepts.  Here, the training consisted of "The Amazing Harvest"  a take off of the Amazing Race series.  Elders and Sisters were expected to perform certain missionary tasks and find the clues that will take them to the next destination to perform another task.  Here Elders are discussing the task of contacting and teaching in front of the Kings Palace in Stockholm.

 Here, Systers Clause and Hauglid are teaching the first discussion to two young men in the square at the King's Palace in Stockholm. And to the right, we have Elders Corbin and Krebs teaching a dignified non-member, with a missionary name tag?, in the square.  Was he converted?
 Systers Spencer and Sjoblom, teaching a real Swede (Syster Beckstrand) about God and Jesus Christ.  Testimonies were shared and the Blonde reacted favorably.

Below are the "Victors" of the Amazing Harvest stand with their prize in front of the Stockholm Sweden Temple, which truly is the prize of all prizes. The prize for all of God's Children, the Temple.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Adventure Time

 Here is a picture of their assistants, Elder Haddon and Elder Mangum.

 Gerald Wennerlund, who was President's 1st companion in his mission. He works in the temple and they got to see each other that day. It was so fun for them.
 In front of the Sweden Stockholm Temple
The dynamic duo in front of the Nobel building. This is where the Nobel Peace Prize is announced each year.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Getting on Schedule

We have been in touch with Mom and Dad and everything is going good! Their home is beautiful and the scenery is amazing! They had a flight today that took them an hour to get to Goteborg (which is on the south end of Sweden. This was Dad's first time there too. They loved meeting the group of missionaries there and the missionaries fell in love with them. They had a Sister missionary who is leaving in 3 weeks and she told them that she is just sick to go home and would have loved working with them. Here are some photos of what's been going on in the last few days with them.
 President exchange with President and Sister Newell and President and Sister Beckstrand

 Mom is so trying to adjust to the time there and all the light when its supposed to be dark!
Goteborg missionaries at the meet and greet with the new President