Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Mission Leadership Council!!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016, we met with our Mission Leadership Council in the Mission Home to receiving training and counsel one with another on those things that will help us be better missionaries and help the work move forward.  Before the training, we always enjoy a great lunch that Sister Beckstrand prepares for us.  Today, homemade enchilladas, homemade salsa, chips, refried beans, watermelon, and Texas sheet cake with ice cream.  Thank you Sister Beckstrand, you are simply wonderful!!!!!!

Our theme for the training was "Missionary Knowledge--Pay It Forward!"
President and Sister Beckstrand taught us how important it is to share our precious knowledge with the new missionaries in order to continue to help the mission as a whole, move upward to greater heights.  Knowledge is one of the attributes of God and He expects us to learn and share with others.  As missionaries, we are His hands here in Sweden and everything we do is reflective of Him.  Our Assistants taught us the practical application of paying our knowledge forward to not only investigators but to our never missionaries, helping them with Missionary skills that will allow them to be successful.

 We had great participation from our MLC members.  They are a wonderful group of young leaders here in the mission.

These seven are all in the same group and will leave us in the first part of December.  We will miss them and their great Leadership skills.  Time to pass the torch and help others grow and become the leaders the Lord needs to move His work forward here in Sweden.  Pictured left to right are:  Elder Halterman, Elder Hart, Elder Richardson, Elder Burke, Elder Carrigan, Elder Bailey, Elder Burton, Sister Beckstrand and President Beckstrand.

New Records Preservation Couple Arrives in Sweden!!!

We traveled to the Arlanda Airport on the morning of Tuesday, August 30, 2016, to greet our newest Couple here in the Sweden Stockholm Mission.  Elder and Sister Krupp arrived and will be serving for the next 23 months in the Records Preservation Area.  Pictured below left to right are:  President Beckstrand, Elder Bradshaw, Sister Beckstrand, Elder Robinson, Elder Halterman, Sister Krupp, Sister Koyle, Elder Krupp, Elder Nielsen, Sister Robinson, and Elder Chugg.

Farewell to our Departing Missionaries!

We say good-bye to another great group of missionaries as they are about to embark on the new chapter in their life stories.  Here we are at the temple in Stockholm for our final session together in Sweden.  We will miss them and we wish them God Speed!  Pictured are from left to right:  Sister Beckstrand, Sister Mecham, Elder DeMordaunt, Elder Nielsen, Elder George, Elder Bliss, Elder Dickson, Elder Liddle, Elder Olsen, and President Beckstrand.

 One last Hurrah, on a job well done!   Thank you Missionaries for your service here in Sweden!

The farewell dinner for this group going home.  Pictured from bottom, clockwise around the table are:  Sister Mecham, Elder DeMordaunt, Elder Nielsen, Elder Bliss, Elder Olsen, Elder George, Elder Dickson, and Elder Liddle.

 Sister and Elder Koyle, Elder and Sister Clouse and Sister Beckstrand.

Pairing Up

Wednesday, August 17, 2016, we held our new Missionary orientation and this is where our new missionaries found out who would be training them and which area they will be serving in.  Sister Dargan will be trained by Sister Christensen.

 Sister Dargan will be serving in Jönköping with Sister Christensen

Sister Hunter will be trained by Sister Gill.

 Sister Hunter will be serving in Hägersten with Sister Gill.

Sister Pinegar will be trained by Sister Hanson.
 Sister Pinegar will be serving in Västerhaninge with Sister Hanson.

Sister Trotter will be trained by Sister Young.

 Sister Trotter will be serving in Täby with Sister Young.

Sister Argyle will be trained by Sister McClatchie.

 Sister Argyle will be serving in Karlskrona with Sister McClatchie.

Sister McDonald will be trained by Sister Olsen.
 Sister McDonald will be serving in Gävle with Sister Olsen.

Sister Kinnison will be trained by Sister Howlett.
 Sister Kinnison will be serving in Kristianstad with Sister Howlett.

Elder Cluff will be trained by Elder Svensson.
 Elder Cluff will be serving in Visby, on Gotland, with Elder Svensson.

Elder Erdman will be trained by Elder Linchenko.

 Elder Erdman will be serving in Kristianstad with Elder Linchenko.

Elder Martineau will be trained by Elder Larson.

 Elder Martineau will be serving in Stockholm with Elder Larson.

Well, after all the orientation and introductions, it is time for our traditional Swedish Meatball lunch before these new missionaries and their new companions ship out for their new areas.

August Arrivals from Provo MTC!!!!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016, we got up early in the morning to travel to Arlanda to greet our 10 new missionaries from the Provo MTC.  They all arrived safe and sound and we are so Happy to have them here with us in the Sweden Stockholm Mission.  Pictured below left to right are:  Elder and Sister Koyle, Sister and Elder Clouse, Sister Kinnison, Sister McDonald, Elder Erdman, Elder Cluff, Elder Martineau, Sister Dargan, Sister Hunter, Elder Bradshaw, Sister Argyle, Elder Halterman, Sister Trotter, Elder Payne, Sister Pinegar, Elder Adcox, Sister and President Beckstrand.

 Stowing away their luggage in the van.

And then, President discovered over Facebook that these three had stopped by Cafe Rio on their way to Stockholm and didn't even bother to bring President a Pork Burrito, enchilada style.

 A visit to the Stockholm Sweden Temple for the new group.  Pictured are:  bottom row, left to right;  Sister Beckstrand, Sister Argyle, Sister Pinegar, Sister Trotter, Sister Dargan, Sister Hunter, Sister Kinnison, and Sister McDonald.  Back row, left to right;  President Beckstrand, Elder Cluff, Elder Erdman, Elder Martineau, Elder Halterman, and Elder Bradshaw.

At the Stockholm Sweden Temple.

 In front of the Stadshus in downtown Stockholm.  The Stadshus is where the Nobel Prize banquet is held each year.
 Our new missionaries, ready to conquer Sweden!!!!!!!!!!

Our faithful Assistants, Elder Bradshaw and Elder Halterman at the Stockholm Sweden Temple.

 Our great Office Couple, Elder and Sister Clouse at the Stockholm Sweden Temple.

 Hey, how did these two get back in here??????????????