Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Valborg 2016

VALBORG  2016!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 30, 2016, is here already and time for the Swedes to exercise Winter right on out of here.  The annual Valborg activity is held where a large bonfire is erected and set a blaze to burn out Winter and Welcome in Spring.  Always a fun time for our missionaries to get together and celebrate the fact that the long, cold, dark winter days are gone for another season.  The missionaries in and around Stockholm gathered at Västerhaninge for the celebration.

 Even the local Swedes joined the party and got in on the "selfie" action.

Elder and Sister Wood, Elder and Sister Clouse, and Sister Beckstrand at the Valborg celebration.
 The Woods, the Clouses, Elder Hemmingsen and Sister and President Beckstrand at Valborg 2016, in Västerhaninge.

Sisters Conference

Spring 2016 Brings Flowers and Sisters Training!!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016, the Sister Missionaries from the Sweden Stockholm Mission gathered at the Västerhaninge Chapel for their annual Spring Training.  Sister Beckstrand welcomed the Sisters to this special day and expressed the love of President and Sister Beckstrand for all of our fantastic Sister missionaries serving the Lord here in Sweden.

The theme for the Special Training was, "Standing Steadfast in Christ" with a spin on Dr. Suess' wonderful stories.  President Beckstrand also added his welcome and love for the sisters and shared with them a special story, about Sister Lurch and the Mormon Church, adapted from the book, "Green Eggs and Ham!"

Some stand small, some stand tall.......How will you stand?

Sister Watson held a special class for the sisters on "Standing Steadfast in Christ through the Scriptures."

 While Elder Watson was placed in a corner to "whip the cream" for the Sister's Lunch.

Sister Clouse taught the sisters to "Stand Steadfast in Christ through the Choices We Make."

After the special instruction in the morning by Sister Watson and Sister Clouse, it was time for lunch.  The cultural hall was wonderfully decorated and waiting for the sisters.

The POEs, Elder Kendall and Elder Payne, were eagerly awaiting their opportunity to have a little lunch.

While Thing 2, Sister Koyle, stood ready to welcome the hungry sisters to lunch.

A look at the wonderful food items prepared for our Sister missionaries.........

President and Sister Beckstrand enjoy a small moment with each other as the Sisters gather for lunch.

Here they are, so feel free to pick out your Sister missionary.........

Hey, where did these Elders come from??????  Elder Hart came to play for a special Sister song.  Here he is with his companion Elder Murri, and the POEs, Elder Kendall and Elder Payne.

A tremendous "Thank You" to our senior couples who helped us with the Specialized Sister Training event.  Elder and Sister Clouse, Elder and Sister Watson, Elder and Sister Wood, and Elder and Sister Koyle.  We love our Senior Couples.........
 Thing 1 and Thing 2, Sister Wood and Sister Koyle.

After lunch, we gathered in the chapel and started with a wonderful song by Sister Andserson and Sister Stoughton, "In Christ Alone."  Elder Hart accompanied the sisters on the piano.

Sister Beckstrand then taught the sisters how to "Stand Steadfast in Christ through a Valiant Testimony."

After Sister Beckstrand's teaching, the sisters gathered in the cultural hall for a fun activity.  See all the crazy socks.....only for P-Days, not for work days.........

Elder Watson Sneaking some of the Chocolate Fountain goodies.......

Sister Beckstrand then proceeded to teach the Sister missionaries a few "dance moves" to help them enjoy life.

What say ye to a little "Cotton Eyed Joe" dance moves from the sisters........

Sister Koyle introduced the sisters to the Pop The Balloon game, and they loved playing it....

After the games, a great treat table was enjoyed by the sisters.
 And then the throw down challenge issued by Sister Lund to President Beckstrand.....Yes, let's play "Chubby Bunny" and see how many marshmallows we can stuff into our faces.
 Five large marshmallows and they were both done for the day.  President Beckstrand must have lost his mind........Thank you all for a wonderful Specialized Sister Training.  See you in the Fall 2016.