Sunday, March 19, 2017

Missionary Visits!!!!

Thought we might mention that we conduct a lot of missionary visits throughout this vast country we call Sweden.  It truly is one of the most beautiful places on earth and we thank our Heavenly Father each day for the blessing we have to be here working with such wonderful young people.  They are truly the BEST!!!!!!

Here we are getting off the plane in Umeå, with nighttime fast approaching.

Always time for a little "airplane selfie!"

Sunset over Umeå from the sky.

Picking up our rental car in Umeå.  Tons of snow and still snowing.

 As we pull out of the airport, it appears that we have hit "rush hour" traffic.  Plenty of Reindeer to keep things exciting.

With a few of our Norrland missionaries.  Elder Adams, Elder Baquedano, Elder Murri, Elder Carter, and President and Sister Beckstrand at the Luleå Church.

After the fireside for the Sundsvall Branch Conference, we took the missionaries out for dinner.  They selected the brand new Pizza Hut in Sundsvall as they were having their Pizza Buffet.  Here they are, ready for more pizza......Wave your flag......Elder Beveridge, Sister Moffat, Sister McWhorter, Elder Olson, Elder Martineau, and Elder Benson.

 I think they might just have had enough pizza from their body language.

 Back on the plane, heading for Stockholm after a long week on the road, missionary interviews and Sundsvall Branch Conference.

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