Monday, September 29, 2014

Gotta Love Baptisms

This is Sister DeMille, Amanda, and Sister Maxwell at Amanda's baptism, in Borås, September 27, 2014.

 This is the baptism of Marcus in Luleå, on September 27, 2014.  In the picture is Peter, Elder Archibald, Marcus, and Elder Noso.

Another Send Off

Farewell dinner at the mission home with this great group of missionaries.  September 24, 2014.

 A final time for instruction and love as we share a final testimony meeting together as missionaries in the Lords army.  September 24, 2014.

This picture is of the group of 12 sisters and 1 elder returning to the States.  Here we are at the Stockholm temple after a wonderful session with these great missionaries.  They will be missed greatly here in Sweden.  They have performed a marvelous work.  Pictured left to right, bottom row first, Sister Hauglid, Sister Vaarola, Sister Klingler, Sister Barton, Sister Young, Sister Richins, Sister Beckstrand. Middle row:  Sister Anderson, Sister Christensen, Sister Wilhite, Elder Cheney, President Beckstrand.  Back row:  Sister Gambles, Sister Morris, and Sister Taylor.  September 24, 2014.

 Thursday morning, September 25, 2014, early as we take this great group to the airport to catch their flights home to waiting families and loved ones.

Sister Barton gives us one final performance with her violin, before departing with her mother.  A beautiful rendition of "Abide With Me."  Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with us and others.

General Authority Meeting

 Elder David A. Bednar visited the Sweden Stockholm Mission on September 11, 2014, and held a very special missionary meeting for our missionaries.  Those missionaries in the Norrland, Stockholm, Stockholm South, and Södertälje Zones had the privilege of attending this special meeting, and all were fed spiritually for attending.  It is not very often that we are able to have an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ in our midst to teach us and share his special witness of the name of Christ.  Elder Bednar had his companion, Sister Bednar with him along with Elder Patrick Kearon, Europe Area Presidency 1st Counselor, his wife Sister Kearon, and Elder Ingvar Olsson, Area Seventy, and his wife Sister Olsson.  The day was filled with great inspiration as Elder Bednar taught us about being agents, not objects, and letting the spirit teach our hearts as we ask questions from within.  It truly was an incredible day and we all were taught by the spirit.  At the end of the meeting, Elder Bednar left us with an apostolic blessing and testified of the truthfulness of the gospel and that Christ does indeed live and direct the affairs of His church here upon the earth.  Elder Bednar told us that even though the battle and fight is tough, we know the outcome, We Win!  What a great hope that provides to all of us as we continue to spread the gospel in this great land.  WE WIN!!!!!!

 Elder Bednar, Sister Bednar, Sister Kearon, President Kearon, Sister Olsson, Elder Olsson, 1st Counselor in the Stockholm Stake Presidency and his wife.
 President Beckstrand conducting the missionary meeting.
 Missionary special music number, with Sister Bass, Elder Smith.
Sister Beckstrand sharing her testimony with the missionaries.

  President Kearon and Sister Kearon teaching the missionaries.
 Elder Bednar teaching the missionaries about being agents, not objects.
Sister Bednar and Elder Bednar taking the opportunity to team teach the missionaries.
 Elder Bednar finishing his teaching of the missionaries.
 Elder and Sister Bednar leaving the missionary meeting.