Monday, November 7, 2016

Mission Leadership Council

Tuesday, October 4, 2016, we met with our Mission Leadership Council to provide training and direction for this new transfer period.  We started with a wonderful lunch of grillad hamburgers, pasta salad, chips, cookies and Sister Beckstrand's famous "Snot Bars."

 Taking advantage of one last day of desent Swedish weather........Soak up that sunshine!!!!!

Our theme was Accountability and Motivation, and our MLC group provided some excellent Council for all in attendance.

Good Byes

A nice temple session with this great group of Elders and Sisters.  We will miss them.......Pictured left to right:  Elder Bradshaw, Elder Luke, Elder Jones, Sister Beckstrand, Elder Johnson, Sister Barrett, Elder Duwors, Sister Bourelle, Elder Erikson, Elder Falkner, and President Beckstrand.

Hoorah!!!!!!!!  A job well done for this great group.

Farewell dinner as they are packed and ready to leave this beautiful land of Sweden.  Pictured left to right, starting at the bottom:  Elder Bradshaw, Elder Johnson, Elder Duwors, Elder Falkner, Elder Jones, Sister Barrett, Sister Bourelle, Elder Erikson, and Elder Luke.

Sister Anderson, Elder and Sister Clouse, Sister Beckstrand, and Elder Anderson.

Arrival of New Missionaries

On Tuesday morning, September 27, 2016, we gathered at Arlanda Airport to greet our new missionaries fresh from the Provo MTC.  Before long, out they came, although 18 pieces of luggage did not come with them.  The joys of long travel......

 President and Sister Beckstrand greet the new missionaries and welcome them to Sweden.

And here they are, ready to accomplish great things here in Sweden.  Pictured left to right are:  President Beckstrand, Elder Adcox, Sister Clouse, Elder Clouse, Elder Bradshaw, Elder Harden, Sister Beckstrand, Elder Barker, Sister Botchway, Elder Wilson, Sister Gow, Elder Bringhurst, Sister Cappuccio, Sister Hansen, Elder Malone, Sister Nelson, Elder Petersen, Sister Heaps, Elder Harrell, Elder Chugg, Elder Halterman, Elder Nielsen, Elder Johanson, Sister Anderson, and Elder Anderson.

Loading up what luggage made it to Stockholm.  The rest, hopefully later today it will arrive.

The new group in downtown Stockholm, in front of the Stadshus.  Pictured left to right are:  President Beckstrand, Elder Halterman, Sister Beckstrand, Elder Barker, Sister Cappuccio, Elder Harden, Sister Heaps, Elder Petersen, Sister Gow, Elder Harrell, Sister Hansen, Elder Bringhurst, Sister Nelson, Elder Malone, Sister Botchway, Elder Adcox, Elder Wilson, Elder Johanson, and Elder Bradshaw.

Sister Botchway will be trained by Sister Hale.

Sister Botchway will be serving in Lund with Sister Hale.

Sister Hansen will be trained by Sister McWhorter.
 Sister Hansen will be serving in Södertälje with Sister McWhorter.

Sister Cappuccio will be trained by Sister Greeff.

Sister Cappuccio will be serving in Luleå with Sister Greeff.

 Sister Heaps will be trained by Sister Wagner.

Sister Heaps will be serving in Västra Frölunda with Sister Wagner.

Sister Gow will be trained by Sister Sidwell.

Sister Gow will be serving in Sundsvall with Sister Sidwell.

Sister Nelson will be trained by Sister Hanson.
 Sister Nelson will be serving in Västerhaninge with Sister Hanson.

Elder Wilson will be trained by Elder Gergetz.

Elder Wilson will be serving in Lund with Elder Gergetz.

Elder Bringhurst will be trained by Elder Payne.

Elder Bringhurst will be serving in Uppsala with Elder Payne.

Elder Harrell will be trained by Elder Bailey.

Elder Harrell will be serving in Västerås with Elder Bailey.

Elder Malone will be trained by Elder Groberg.

Elder Malone will be serving in Kungsbacka with Elder Groberg.

Elder Barker will be trained by Elder Perkins.

Elder Barker will be serving in Gävle with Elder Perkins.

Elder Harden will be trained by Elder Lohmeier.

Elder Harden will be serving in Skövde with Elder Lohmeier.

Elder Petersen will be trained by Elder Richardson.

Elder Petersen will be serving in Örebro with Elder Richardson.

We say good-be to Elder Bradshaw and Elder Adcox from the Office Crew, and Hello to Elder Johanson, who will be our new Assistant to the President.

Elder Bradshaw heads home to Big John Drive in Martin, Tennesse.  We will miss you Elder Bradshaw.

And we say good-be to our Swede, Elder Strandberg, who has received his visa to the USA and is heading to the California Modesto Mission.  The best to you Elder Strandberg!!!!!!

A send off lunch of Swedish Meatballs and Lingon berries for our new missionaries and their companions.  The best to you and may the Lord bless you and grant you much success.

Thank you to Elder and Sister Clouse and Elder and Sister Anderson for taking care of lunch.