Friday, March 17, 2017

First Arrivals of 2017!!!!!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017, we were at the Arlanda Airport bright and early to receive our first batch of new missionaries from the Provo MTC.  Also included in this group is our lone visa waiter from California.  We are so excited to have this fine group of 7 missionaries join us here in Sweden.  Pictured left to right are:  Sister and Elder Clouse, Elder Pärkkä, Elder Domino, Elder Schwitters, Elder Hawkins, Elder McCarl, Elder Liljenquist, Elder Petersen, Elder Buchanan, Elder Baggett, Elder Johanson, Elder Christley, Elder Jensen, Sister and Elder Anderson, and Sister and President Beckstrand.

Loading up the luggage for the trip to the mission home.

The new group in front of the Stadshus in Stockholm.  Pictured left to right:  President and Sister Beckstrand, Elder Jensen, Elder McCarl, Elder Schwitters, Elder Liljenquist, Elder Baggett, Elder Petersen, Elder Buchanan, Elder Johanson, Elder Domino, and Elder Pärkkä.

Jumping for joy at being in Sweden.

 Sister Beckstrand, Elder Johanson (who will be going home on Thursday), Elder Pärkkä (our new assistant), Elder Jensen, and President Beckstrand.

Elder and Sister Clouse with Sister and President Beckstrand in front of the Stadshus in Stockholm.

The Swedish Military ready to receive distinguished guests from Germany.  We stumbled upon them as we were showing the new missionaries Gamla Stan and the Royal Palace.

A visit to Gamla Stan and the town square.  Pictured left to right are:  Elder Petersen, Elder Schwitters, Elder McCarl, Elder Baggett, Elder Buchanan, Elder Liljenquist, and Elder Domino.

Lunch time at the Stockholm Young Single Adult Center.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017.

New missionary orientation as the new missionaries receive their new companion and where they will be serving.

Elder Schwitters will be trained by Elder Muirhead.

 Elder Schwitters will be serving in Hägersten with Elder Muirhead.

Elder McCarl will be trained by Elder Loertscher.

 Elder McCarl will be serving in Borlänge with Elder Loertscher.

Elder Domino will be trained by Elder Johnson.

Elder Domino will be serving in Stockholm, with duties at the Stockholm YSA with Elder Johnson.

Elder Baggett will be trained by Elder Nielsen.

Elder Baggett will be serving in Handen with Elder Nielsen.

Elder Buchanan will be trained by Elder Holt.

Elder Buchanan will be serving in Utby with Elder Holt.

Elder Liljenquist will be trained by Elder Roylance.

Elder Liljenquist will be serving in Kungsbacka with Elder Roylance.

Elder Petersen will be trained by Elder Fawcett.

Elder Liljenquist will be serving in Lund with Elder Fawcett.

With the companionship assignments taken care of, some more orientation.

Our Office Elders, Elder Christley and Elder Hawkins, received a new missionary to train up in the next several weeks as to all that goes on in the office to keep the mission running.  Elder Christley and Elder Hawkins (standing), with Elder Pack, our new office elder.

With Elder Pärkkä on board as our new assistant, he and Elder Jensen are ready to tackle all of Sweden.

Elder Johanson leaves us for the warmer climate of Parker, Colorado.  Job well done Elder Johanson, as we will miss you greatly!!!!

One last time together with the old and the new.  Elder Christley, Elder Pack, Elder Johanson, Elder Hawkins, Elder Pärkkä, and Elder Jensen.

The new missionaries enjoy a great Swedish Meatball lunch along with their companions, before we ship them off to the train station to board their trains to destinations unknown..........

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  1. Thank you for creating this wonderful blog. We are currently serving at the Provo MTC, Branch 13. We love to be able to see these missionaries that we love so much arrive in Sweden. We send you our prayers and love 🇸🇪