Friday, May 8, 2015

"Wizard of Oz" Sister Conference

Thursday, April 16, 2015.  Time for another Sister Conference with our sister missionaries.  The theme for the conference was, "The Power With In" with a "Wizard of Oz" take on the special gifts that we have in order to allow us to love all people and share the gospel message.  Below is our Sister Conference group photo for us to remember this special day.

Sister Tolley taught the sister missionaries about knowledge, something that the Scarecrow desired on his trip to Oz to see the Great and Powerful Wizard.

 Sister missionaries paying very close attention to Sister Tolley.

Sister missionaries being taught about love.

  Sister Hawley taught the importance of love and having a true heart.  This is something that the Tin Man traveled to Oz to receive.

 While the teaching was going on, the Elders were in the kitchen preparing the fruit cups for the luncheon the sister missionaries would enjoy.

Sister Taylor taught about courage and shared a very personal story about "The Cokeville Bombing", a very close and tender subject for her and her daughter.  They were involved in the bombing incident

 Sister Taylor sharing her message of courage and how Heavenly Father blesses us through our trials.

Sister Beckstrand concluded the conference teaching the sister missionaries that like "Dorothy", they have always had the power to return home to their Heavenly Father.  The power rests inside each one of us, and we can find that power and use it to return to our Heavenly Home.

Lunch time at the Sister Conference.  Following are pictures of the lunch with all of our Sister missionaries.  Go ahead and pick out your sister.

 And, final picture of Sister Beckstrand, Elder Tolley, Elder Hawley, Elder and Sister Wood.

And here is the Photo Booth where we showed our good sides :)

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