Friday, May 8, 2015

Bon Fire You Say?? Let it Burn

Thursday, April 30, 2015, missionaries in the Stockholm area gather out at Västerhaninge for the annual Valborg tradition of burning our Winter and welcoming in Spring.  Here is the beginning of the event with the bonfire at the ready.

 The crowds gather and the local scouts usher in the kids with burning torches, ready to set the bonfire a blaze.

Then, the crowd counts down from ten to one, and the kids all walk forward and throw their lit torches onto the bonfire and the event is on.

The fire begins to grow....

 larger and larger......

and begins to give off a lot of warmth on this chilly evening.

 The missionaries get excited for the fire and decide to get in some group photos of the event.

 The Elders all together, I wonder which one of these Elders has down this before?

 The Sisters gather for a photo of their own.

President and Sister Beckstrand, enjoying w wonderful evening with the missionaries.  Sometimes, you just got to let go and enjoy a good burn!

 As the fire burns, the evening moves on, and the missionaries get a little crazy.

The Sisters have their own type of crazy going on at Valborg.

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