Tuesday, April 21, 2015

New Members, Being Protected, and Temple Ground Beauty

Baptismal service for Nina in Eskilstuna, April 4, 2015.  Pictured from left to right are:  Elder Clawson, Elder Fallon, Nina, and Elder Luke.

Baptismal service for Eva on Visby, March 31, 2015.  Pictured from left to right are:  Elder Treat, Elder Madden, Eva, and Elder Jones.

Baptismal service for Bill in Malmö, April 11, 2015.  Pictured for left to right are:  Elder Bailey, Bill, and Elder Brinkworth.

 Baptismal service for Otto in Trollhättan, April 11, 2015.  Pictured from left to right are:  Sister Hoke, Otto, his wife Primitiva, Brother Hans Ljungh, and Sister Nielsen.

Well, sometimes missionaries get caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Luckily for Sister Hoke and Sister Nielsen the good Lord was protecting them and a member from Trollhättan.  The car came out with the worst of it and we are so grateful that our Sister missionaries.  They came through this little mishap with only some bumps, bruises, and sore muscles.  The member was also okay.  The Lord does protect His missionaries.

April 8, 2015, a day of service at the Stockholm Temple as the spring flowers needed to be planted.  Our missionaries of the Stockholm South Zone, who work the areas around the temple responded to the call from the temple grounds keeper and came ready to plant 1000s of flowers.  What a great opportunity to be involved in helping the Lord's house look beautiful for all who visit.  Pictured are Elder Featherstone and Elder Cushing planting flowers at the temple grounds.

Elder Burgin and Elder Barnes taking a little rest, with muddy knees, after planting many flowers.

Elder Burton, Sister Lund, and Elder Avenius aafter a long day of planting at the temple grounds.


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