Tuesday, April 7, 2015

More NEW Arrivals and Send Offs

Well, on Tuesday, March 31, 2015, we went to the Stockholm Arlanda airport in the morning to pick up our newest group from the Provo MTC.  This is a great group of 6 Elders and 2 Sisters, and 1 great senior couple.  We are so excited to have them join us in the work here in Sweden.  Pictured left to right are:  President Beckstrand, Elder Sahlin, Elder Noso, Sister Beckstrand, Elder Lambson, Elder Brown, Elder Castleton-Rudolph, Elder Johanson, Elder White, Elder Hainsworth, Elder Reed, Sister Mecham, Sister Nielsen, Elder Perkins, Elder Taggart, Sister Wood, Elder Wood, Eelder Tolley, Sister Tolley, Sister Taylor, and Elder Taylor.

 Outside the arrival terminal, it is time to load up the luggage and head for Stockholm.

We took the new group to our favorite picture place, Stockholm's Stadhus, where the Nobel Peace Prize banquet is held each year.  Pictured from left to right are:  Elder and Sister Wood, Elder Taggart, Elder Sahlin, Elder Lambson, Elder Hainsworth, Elder White, Elder Noso, Elder Castleton-Rudolph, Elder Perkins, Elder Reed, Sister Mecham, Elder Johanson, Sister Nielsen, Sister and President Beckstrand.

 And another stop overlooking Stockholm.
 Our new couple who will head up the Stockholm YSA Center, Elder Owen Wood and Sister Janet Wood, along with Sister and President Beckstrand.

President and Sister Beckstrand with their three assistants.  Elder Sahlin is just joining us in the office, he is from Sweden, Elder Noso, who is from Finland, and Elder Lambson, who will be transferring to Utah as he completes his mission.  We will miss him and he has been an excellent leader for us and the mission.
 Elder Lambson, a big "Thank You" to you from all of us in Sweden.  You have changed this country for the better.

 This picture is taken in front of the church's first office building in Stockholm.  The church no longer owns this building but the Swedish government has preserved it as an historical building.  The Deseret Beehive adorns the building with the church's name in the scroll.  Pictured left to right are:  Elder Taggart, Elder Noso, President Beckstrand, Elder Sahlin, Elder White, Sister Beckstrand, Elder Perkins, Elder Lambson, Elder Johanson, Sister Nielsen, Elder Castleton-Rudolph, Elder Reed, Sister Mecham, Elder Hainsworth, Elder and Sister Wood.

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