Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What Time is It? Transfer Time!

Well, Wednesday, February 18, 2015, the big day has arrived and the new missionaries are ready to receive their assignments and new companions, who have the charge of training these new missionaries.  Here, President Beckstrand has all the Sister Trainers come to the front to receive their new missionaries.

 Sister Hong will be trained by Sister Allen.......
 and by Sister Nielsen.
 Sister Hong will be serving in Gubbängen with Sisters Allen and Nielsen, in a tri-panionship.

Sister Adamson will be trained by Sister Sandberg.

 Sister Adamson will be serving in Kristianstad with Sister Sandberg.

Sister Banks will be trained by Sister Johanson.

 Sister Banks will be serving in Sundsvall with Sister Johanson.

Sister Taylor will be trained by Sister Kamauoha.

 Sister Taylor will be serving in Södertälje with Sister Kamauoha.

Sister Harkness will be trained by Sister Beckstrom.

 Sister Harkness will be serving in Täby with Sister Beckstrom.

Time for the new Elders to receive their assignments and trainers, as the trainers stand at the ready.

 Elder Halterman will be trained by Elder Hansen.
 Elder Halterman will be serving in Linköping with Elder Hansen.

Elder Burke will be trained by Elder Lofgren.

 Elder Burke will be serving in Uppsala with Elder Lofgren.

 Elder Richardson will be trained by Elder Packer.

 Elder Richardson will be serving in Lund with Elder Packer.

Elder Flynn will be trained by Elder Allen.

 Elder Flynn will be serving in Sundsvall with Elder Allen.

Elder Burton will be trained by Elder Featherstone.

 Elder Burton will be serving in Västerhaninge with Elder Featherstone.

Elder Purkey will be trained by Elder Silvennoinen.

 Elder Purkey will be serving in Karlskrona with Elder Silvennoinen.

Elder Bailey will be trained by Elder Brinkworth.

 Elder Bailey will be serving in Malmö with Elder Brinkworth.

Elder Hart will be trained by Elder Trotter.

 Elder Hart will be serving in Eskilstuna with Elder Trotter.

Elder Thacker will be trained by Elder Burgin.

 Elder Thacker will be serving in Hägersten with Elder Burgin.

Elder Harrison will be trained by Elder Albertsen.

 Elder Harrison will be serving in Skövde with Elder Albertsen.

Elder Carrigan will be serving in Borås with Elder Archibald.

Elder Noso comes into the office as the new Assistant to the President with Elder Lambson.

 And we say a tearful goodbye to Elder Mangum, who returns to the USA.  Many thanks to this wonderful missionary.  You have left your mark on Sweden.  Return now with Honor!!!!!

Well, it is now time to travel to our different areas of service.  But, first, we have a traditional lunch of Swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes, corn, salad, bread, and tårta for desert.

 These guys certainly love the food, any food!

Well, we say a heartfelt goodbye to Elder Allen, who leaves the office after almost six months to train a new missionary in Sundsvall.  Pictured are President and Sister Beckstrand, Elder Brown, Elder Allen, and Sister and Elder Taylor, are wonderful office couple.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015, we enjoy a final temple session with this great group of returning missionaries.  Pictured are in front, left to right: Sister Christison, Sister Hosenfeld, Sister Fawcett, and Sister Bass.  Back row, left to right:  Elder Gray, Elder Ogaard, Elder Mangum, Sister Beckstrand, and President Beckstrand.

 Our final dinner with this group of missionaries, who will return home in the morning, having completed their assignments as missionaries for the Lord in Sweden.  Pictured from front, clockwise around the table:  Elder Mangum, Elder Ogaard, Sister Hosenfeld, Elder Gray, Sister Fawcett, Sister Bass, and Sister Christison.  We will miss them!

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