Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Isn't Touring Zones Fun?!

On Janaury 22, 2015, we began a tour of the 6 Zones in the mission to provide some specialized training to our missionaries on the importance of planning, using baptismal calendars, following up with our baptismal candidates, and understanding the social demands placed upon missionaries.  We started with the Stockholm Zone and held our meeting in the Gubbängen Chapel.  We enjoyed lunch from Subway Sandwiches and our missionaries had a great time.

As we prepared for next week's round of trainings, Sister Beckstrand took some time to help Elder Brown and Elder Allen, our office elders, work on a special project for all of our missionaries.  Amission yearbook!
On January 29, 2015, we took our training to Södertälje and the Södertälje Zone.  It was a great day and lunch was again a treat, Subway Sandwiches.

More fun with Subway at lunchtime.

Another great day of specialized training with these great missionaries, topped off with a lunch of Chicken Curry sandwiches, which all of us enjoyed.

Well, on Friday, January 30, 2015, we found ourselves in Kungsbacka for our training with the Göteborg Zone.  We awoke to a fresh blanket of snow..........
 and Elder Heiner and Elder Jones were digging out the path to the chapel for us.

 Kungsbacka Chapel

 Well, the next week saw us in Malmö, for training with the Malmö Zone.  Here, Elder Corbin is showing off his great eyewear along with Sister Beckstrand.

 As always, a great day of training with our missionaries, topped off with lunch from, you guessed it.......Subway sandwiches.  Missionaries love Subway!!!!!!!!!

 On Wedensday, February 11, 2015, we finished off our specialized training with the Norrland Zone in Umeå.  A great day once again with our missionaries and it was capped off with a wonderful lunch catered by the Relief Society President in Umeå.  And for desert, Semlors, homemade.  Delicioussssssss!

Young Single Adult Valentine Weekend Celebration in Alingsås, February 14, 2015.  An afternoon of street contacting with the missionaries from Alingsås and Göteborg, along with YSAs from Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Iceland, and Germany.  The emphasis was on Families are Eternal and the "My Family" booklet, which were handed to all.

 More street contacting in Alingsås.

 Elder Coombs provides some instruction to Sister Beckstrand and Sister Coombs.

More YSAs provided some street music to capture the attention of those passing by.  The YSA choir had a real fun time, even though it was very cold out.

Alingsås is a beautiful small community, with charming streets and downtown area.
 The YSA choir getting ready for the final few songs.

 And our missionaries continuing to talk with everyone they can about how great families are.

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