Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Fun Before Transfers/Assignments

 On Tuesday morning, February 17, 2015, we received 19 wonderful new missionaries from the Provo MTC.  From left to right are Sister and President Beckstrand, Sister Adamson, Sister Taylor, Sister Crawford, Sister Banks, Sister Harkness, Elder Harrison, Elder Brown, Elder Flynn, Sister Lund, Elder Lambson, Sister Hong, Elder Mangum, Elder Noso, Elder Thacker, Elder Bailey, Elder Carrigan, Elder Purkey, Elder Halterman, Elder Burke, Elder Hart, Elder Richardson, Elder Burton, Elder Allen, Elder Higgins, Sister Tolley, Elder Tolley, Sister Taylor and Elder Taylor.

 Loading up the bag van with the many pieces of luggage from our new missionaries.

 Okay, with everyone on board the bus, we now take off for Stockholm to our appointments with the Migration Board to make sure everyone can stay legally in the country of Sweden.
 After our visit to the Migration Board, we take a quick tour around Stockholm for a few pictures to send back home.  Here the group is in front of Stockholm's Stadshus, where the Nobel Prize Banquet is held each year.

Then, we traveled up to the top of Södermalm for a picture overlooking the city of Stockholm.

 Our last stop of the quick tour was out to Västerhaninge to see the Sweden Stockholm Temple.

Then back on the bus to head over to the Stockholm YSA for lunch and some street contacting in downtown Stockholm.  You can see that the Jet Lag is starting to set in on some of our new missionaries.

 After the days activities, and witnessing the baptism of twin 9 year old boys, the group finally settled in at the mission home for a wonderful hot meal before settling into their beds for the night.

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