Monday, January 2, 2017

Our December 2016 Departures!!!!!

Time to say good-bye to another great group of missionaries.  This one, all Elders!  We will miss this group as they were instrumental in helping to shape the culture of the Sweden Stockholm Mission.  Many thanks to them for their hard work and diligence.  Pictured left to right, front row: Elder Thacker, Elder Burke, Elder Hart, Elder Carrigan, and Elder Richardson.  Back row: Elder Higgins, Elder Bailey, Elder Burton, Elder Purkey, Elder Harrison, Elder Halterman, and Sister and President Beckstrand.

Hoorah for Zion!!!!!!  Mission accomplished!!!! Return now with Honor!!!!!!!!

The departing missionaries and their final supper in the Mission Home.  Pictured clockwise, from left:  Elder Carrigan, Elder Bailey, Elder Purkey, Elder Higgins, Elder Hart, Elder Burton, Elder Richardson, Elder Harrison, Elder Burke, Elder Halterman, and Elder Thacker.

Sister Beckstrand, Elder and Sister Anderson, and Elder and Sister Clouse.

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