Monday, December 12, 2016

Orientation and Assignments

Wednesday, November 9, 2016, was orientation for our new missionaries at the Täby Chapel.  They received their assignment areas and their new companion.

Sister Hill will be trained by Sister Eldridge.

Sister Hill will be serving in Helsingborg with Sister Eldridge.

Sister Shin will be trained by Sister Pullins.

Sister Shin will be serving in Jakobsberg with Sister Pullins.

Elder Harris will be trained by Elder Swenson.
 Elder Harris will be serving in Stockholm with Elder Swenson.

President Beckstrand introduced Elder Shanks to the group and let them know that Elder Shanks grandfather baptized Bo G. Wennerlund many years ago.  Brother Wennerlund is still very active in the church and is 90 years old, living in Kristianstad, in southern Sweden.  Brother Wennerlund's son, Gerald Wennerlund, was President Beckstrand's trainer 40 years ago.  Elder Shanks' grandfather also served as the mission president for the Sweden Stockholm Mission.
 Elder Shanks will be trained by Elder Murri.

 Elder Shanks will be serving in Lund with Elder Murri.

Elder Warnick will be trained by Elder Walton.
 Elder Warnick will be serving in Borås with Elder Walton.

Elder Carter will be trained by Elder Goffe.
 Elder Carter will be serving in Boden with Elder Goffe.

Elder Olson will be trained by Elder Rowley.
 Elder Olson will be serving in Sundsvall with Elder Rowley.

With the orientation complete, it is time for a traditional Swedish lunch of Swedish Meatballs.

Lunch time with these new companionships before they head out to their assigned areas.

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