Wednesday, December 7, 2016

2016 Fall Sister's Conference!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2106, at Gubbängen, we held our Fall Sister's Conference for our Sister missionaries here in the Sweden Stockholm Mission.  It is always a real treat to be able to meet with these wonderful sister missionaries to provide them a "lift" as they work so hard to spread the message of Christ.  This conference had the theme of "Be Loyal to the Royal Inside You"!!!!!!!

 The conference began with a wonderful song, "I See the Light" from Tangled performed by Sister Hunter.
 Then, the Sisters were welcomed to the conference by President Beckstrand.

After the welcome, two workshops were held for the Sisters.  The first was a Snow White theme of working with a whistle.

Sister Hurlbut taught the Sisters of the importance of loving your companions and working together with them to perform the Lord's work.

The second workshop was held by Sister Clouse, with the Cinderella theme of Dreaming Big.

Sister Clouse taught the Sisters the importance of having courage and being kind as daughters of a Heavenly King.

After the morning workshops, it was time for lunch in the Royal Dining Room.  Here the Sisters were attended to by our two loyal Assistants, Elder Halterman and Elder Johanson.

 The Banquet table is set and ready for the Sisters.

 So, come on in, and "Be His Guest!"

Let the eating begin..............

 A toast to the greatest Sister Missionaries ever!!!!!!!!

A special "Thank You" to Elder and Sister Mitchell, Elder and Sister Clouse, and Elder and Sister Anderson, for their great help with the meal.

 And, thanks also to Elder and Sister Watson!

After a great lunch, the Sisters came back into the chapel to listen to Sister Watson and a Mulon theme of fight for the right.

 Sister Watson taught the Sisters about reflections and recognizing their eternal characteristics.

The final workshop of the day was an Ariel theme, "The Gospel is Everything!"

 Sister Beckstrand taught the Sisters of the importance of knowing who they are, Daughters of God, the Heavenly King!

 When you have the gospel, you truly are "The Girl Who has Everything!!!"

Sister McDonald and Sister Olsen sang a wonderful song from "The Little Mermaid" of their own creation titled, "The Girl Who Has Everything as a Sister Missionary!"

 Sister Beckstrand then concluded her remarks with helping the Sisters understand their eternal worth, that they truly are "Daughters of the Most High" and to always wear their crown straight upon their heads.  "On the darkest days, when I feel inadequate, unloved, and unworthy, I remember whose daughter I am and I straigthen my crown!"

After the conference, it was time for photo booth pictures, hot chocolate and brownies before traveling back to our areas of assignment.  It was a great Sister's Conference and a special "Thank You" to Sister Beckstrand for all that she does to organize and put on these conferences for our sister missionaries.

A special "Thank You" to our Office Elders, Elder Nielsen. Elder Chugg, His Royal Highness, Elder Clouse, and our Assistants, Elder Johanson and Elder Halterman.

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