Thursday, November 5, 2015

New Arrivals, Returning with Honor, and MLC

Tuesday, October 27, 2015, we found ourselves once again at the Arlanda Airport in Stockholm picking up more new missionaries.  It was a little different this time as we had two different arrivals, first we picked up Elder Muirhead, who had been serving in Chicago, waiting for his visa to arrive.  It was good to finally have him arrive in Sweden.  Pictured left to right:  President and Sister Beckstrand, Elder Archibald, Elder Rasmussen, Elder Muirhead, Elder Bliss, Elder Burke, Elder Sahlin, Sister and Elder Koyle.

Then, one hour later, we picked up Elder Murtonen, who arrived from the Provo MTC, the only one from his group of 12 elders, to arrive.  He is Finnish, and therfore does not need a visa.  His MTC group are spread from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C.  Pictured from left to right are:  Elder Sahlin, Elder Burke, Elder Archibald, Elder Murtonen, Elder Rasmussen, Elder Bliss, Sister and President Beckstrand.

Our traditional picture with the Stadshus in the background.  Pictured from left to right:  Elder Burke, Elder Muirhead, Elder Murtonen, Sister Beckstrand, President Beckstrand, Elder Sahlin, and Elder Bliss.

We had some time to take the new Elders out to the temple in Västerhaninge.  Here, the Angel Moroni sits atop the temple spire, with fall foilage in the foreground.

Elder Murtonen and Elder Muirhead at the Stockholm Sweden Temple.

One last picture of the outgoing mission office crew.  President and Sister Beckstrand, Elder Bliss, who will be transferring to Jönköping, Elder Bliss, Elder Rasmussen, who will be transferring home to Orem, Utah, and Elder Sahlin.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015.  New missionary orientation at the Täby Chapel.  Elder Muirhead will be trained by Elder Walker.

 Elder Muirhead will be serving in Uppsala with Elder Walker.

 Elder Murtonen will be trained by Elder Erikson.

 Elder Murtonen will be serving in Vendelsö with Elder Erikson.

After the orientation, time for a great Swedish meal of Swedish meatballs before we head to T Central for trains to our destinations.  Elder Burke, Elder Erikson, Elder Murtonen, Elder Walker, and Elder Muirhead.

Sister Beckstrand enjoying some Swedish meatballs, her favorite, along with Elder Archibald, Elder Rasmussen, and Elder Burke.

Many thanks to Elder and Sister Koyle, our Office Couple, for all that they do to keep the mission running forward.  Eat up, Sister Koyle!

After we got the new missionaries on their way, we were off to the Stockholm Temple to do a session with our missionaries who have completed their assignments.  Pictured from left to right, front row:  Elder Rasmussen, Elder Noso, Sister Modersitzki, Sister Sorensen, Sister Beckstrand, Sister Carrington, Elder Ahlstrom, and President Beckstrand.  Back row:  Elder Stoeltzing, Elder Jones, Elder Smith, Elder Brinkworth, Elder Brown, Elder Stinnett, and Elder Allen.

 Elder Aabo finally one more picture:  Elder Rasmussen, Elder Noso, Sister Modersitzki, Sister Sorensen, Sister Beckstrand, President Beckstrand, and Elder Ahlstrom.  Back row:  Elder Stoeltzing, Elder Jones, Elder Smith, Elder Aabo, Elder Brown, Elder Stinnett, Elder Allen, and Elder Brinkworth.

 And our potographer, Elder Bybee, with a selfie!

Our farewell dinner for this great group of missionaries who are returning home with honor.  Pictured left to right:  Elder Stinnett, Elder Rasmussen, Elder Brinkworth, Elder Allen, Elder Brown, Elder Smith, Elder Jones, and Elder Stoeltzing.

 Same table, other direction:  Elder Jones, Elder Stoeltzing, Elder Ahlstrom, Elder Noso, Elder Stinnett, Elder Rasmussen, and Elder Brinkworth.
 Elder Koyle, Sister Sorensen, Sister Carrington, Sister Beckstrand, Sister Modersitzki, and Sister Koyle.

Mission Leadership Council meeting.
Tuesday, November 3, 2015, we met with our Mission Leadership Council for instruction for this next transfer cycle.  Elder Archibald and Elder Sahlin, our Assistants, taught about the need for personal testimony and following Christ in everything that we do.  The invitation was given to like Peter, "Follow Him!"  President and Sister Beckstrand taught the Christlike attribute of Diligence and the need for each missionary to start strong and finish strong, even when our physical strength is about gone and it is dark outside, we need to be diligent in His work.
 MLC members receiving teaching.

 A great group of missionaries make up our Mission Leadership Council.  We are so thankful for their dedicated service and love for the Savior.

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