Thursday, November 5, 2015

"CHOZEN" Sister Conference October 2015

Fall is here and it is time for our Sister Missionaries in the Sweden Stockholm Mission to gather together to learn more about our Savior, Jesus Christ.
Thursday, October 15, 2015, at the chapel in Västerhaninge, the sister missionaries came together to participate in the Fall Sister's Conference.  The theme for the conference was "Sisters Forever" and the excitement was overflowing.  Sister Beckstrand and her helpers always do a great job of preparing and putting on a great conference for the sisters.

As you can see, there is plenty of excitement and the sisters are ready for a great day.

Sister Wood was on hand to teach the sisters about "Love is an Open Door" and the qualities you should look for in an eternal companion.

The sisters enjoyed Sister Woods' class and even Elder Wood joined in the fun.

Sister Koyle taught on "Do You Want to Build.......A Righteous Family?"

The sisters very much enjoyed Sister Koyle's class and took many great thoughts for after their mission life.

Lunch time and the sisters were treated to a wonderful potato bar with all the fixings.  Pick out your favorite sister in these next photos.  They all look absolutely beautiful.

 Hey, how did Elder Burke and Elder Bliss get in on this???????

After lunch, Sister Hawley taught "Let It Go" and the power of Forgiveness.

As part of Sister Hawley's lesson, each of the sister missionaries were given a ballon and asked to write on it one thing they were going to "Let Go" in order to understand the power of forgiveness in their lives.

So, after writing on their ballons, the sisters gathered together in a circle .............

...........and then "Let It Go" as the ballons ascended toward heaven.

Up, Up, and Away the ballons sailed.......

 .....except for the few that decided to drift into the trees on the temple grounds.  Woops!!!!!

After the fun with the balloons, Sister Beckstrand taught "You were Chosen" as a daughter of God to be a missionary in Sweden and that their companions and the sisters they meet here will be "Sisters Forever".

Sister Stoughton performed a special arrangement of the new song, "Sisters in Zion" with Sister Kimball at the piano.

Sister Beckstrand bore strong witness that these great Swedish Sister Missionaries received this special calling to come to Sweden in the pre-exsistence and that they have sacred duties to perform while here, and that the Lord will bless them and keep them as they are on His errand.

The conference was a wonderful event and our sister missionaries gained much from being here this day.  We are blessed with the best sister missionaries here in the Sweden Stockholm Mission and we love them very much.  They are most certainly "CHOSEN"  and not "Frozen!"

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