Sunday, October 4, 2015

New Arrivals and departures in September

     Tuesday, September 15, 2015, we assembled at Stockholm's Arlanda Airport to welcome our brand new group of missionaries, fresh from the Provo MTC.

We received thirteen new missionaries here, one is waiting in Chicago for a visa, and one is still in Provo at the MTC waiting for a physician's clearance to travel to Sweden.

What a great group of missionaries we received.  They are full of fire and ready to go to work here in Sweden.  Pictured left to right are: President and Sister Beckstrand, Elder Sahlin, Elder Bliss, Elder Rasmussen, Elder Blattman, Elder Mecham, Elder Liddle, Elder Baquedano, Elder Duke, Elder Olson, Elder Cragun, Elder Lohmeier, Elder Nelson, Elder Kendall, Elder Burke, Elder Swenson, Elder Goffe, Elder Gergetz, Elder Williams, and Sister and Elder Koyle.

Loading up the new missionaries into the vans.

At the Mission Office, getting some "fika", and getting ready for some orientation and training.  Pictured left to right are:  Elder Gergetz, Elder Williams, Elder Duke, Elder Swenson, Elder Koyle, Elder Lohmeier, Elder Baquedano, Elder Blattman, Elder Olson, Elder Goffe, Elder Kendall, Elder Mecham, Elder Cragun, and Elder Nelson.

Elder Sahlin and Sister Beckstrand take some time to enjoy a little "fika" themselves.  You just can't beat Swedish "weiner bröd" when you need som comfort food.

Elder Archibald and Elder Hemmingsen teaching President Beckstrand the finer art of the "selfie".

After contacting, the Elders saw a few of the sights of Stockholm and stopped to take this great picture.  Left to right are:  Elder Williams, Elder Goffe, Elder Baquedano, Elder Lohmeier, Elder Olson, Elder Mecham, Elder Cragun, Elder Blattman, Elder Duke, Elder Kendall, Elder Nelson, Elder Swenson, and Elder Gergetz.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015, our new missionaries met at the Täby Chapel for more training and to meet their trainers and find out which area they will be serving in.  Here, Elder Olson will be trained by Elder Fallon.

Elder Olson will be serving in Halmstad with Elder Fallon.

Elder Blattman will be trained by Elder Harrison.

Elder Blattman will be serving in Eskilstuna with Elder Harrison.

Elder Williams will be trained by Elder Kiikko.

Elder Williams will be serving in Linköping with Elder Kiikko.

Elder Baquedano will be trained by Elder Larson.

Elder Baquedano will be serving in Örebro with Elder Larson.

Elder Kendall will be trained by Elder Burton.

Elder Kendall will be serving in Skellefteå with Elder Burton.

Elder Goffe will be trained by Elder Falkner.

Elder Goffe will be serving in Sundsvall with Elder Falkner.

Elder Lohmeier will be trained by Elder Castleton-Rudolph.

Elder Lohmeier will be serving in Karlstad with Elder Castleton-Rudolph.

Gergetz will be trained by Elder Carrigan.

Elder Gergetz will be serving in Gubbängen with Elder Carrigan.

Elder Nelson will be trained by Elder Svensson.

Elder Nelson will be serving in Luleå with Elder Svensson.

Elder Swenson will be trained by Elder Liddle.

Elder Swenson will be serving in Gävle with Elder Liddle.

Elder Cragun will be trained by Elder Downing.

Elder Cragun will be serving in Sundsvall with Elder Downing.

Elder Mecham will be trained by Elder Luke.

Elder Mecham will be serving in Lund with Elder Luke.

Elder Duke will be trained by Elder George and they will be serving in Kristianstad.

And, here they are with their new companions.

Well, after all of the training and the assignment of areas, we sat down to a helping of Swedish Meatballs, before we head to T-Centralen, to catch our trains that will take us to our new areas.

Wednesday afternoon, September 16, 2015, we traveled to the temple to do one final session with our missionary who will be leaving us, having completed his assignment here in Sweden.  Elder James will be going home tomorrow and we had a great temple visit with his group.  Elder Brinkworth and Elder Allen have extended six weeks and so we will have them around for this next transfer cycle.  Pictured left to right are:  Elder Brinkworth, Elder Allen, Sister Beckstrand, President Beckstrand, and Elder James.

A final farewell dinner for Elder James at the Handen Pizza Hut.  Elder Allen, Elder James, and Elder Brinkworth.

Dessert time with Banana Splits and Cookie Dough Ice Cream treats.

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