Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Zone Conference Time


Yes, it is once again time for Zone Conference throughout the land of Sweden.  Zone Conferences were held on September 1, 2, and 4, 2015, in Gubbängen, Västerhaninge, and Utby.  We were treated to a special guest at each conference, President Håkan Palm.  President Palm is the second councilor in the Sweden Stockholm Mission Presidency.  President Palm has been a part of church history here in Sweden for the past 45 years.  He related for our missionaries the history of the church here in Sweden and told of the first missionary to come to Sweden, John Forsgren.  It was wonderful to have President Palm with us and the missionaries loved hearing about church history here and how they are a part of that as they work to spread the gospel message.

 President Beckstrand and his assistants, Elder Rasmussen and Elder Sahlin, taught the making of "Preach My Gospel" and "How to become a Preach My Gospel Missionary."

 Elder Sahlin and Elder Rasmussen in action, teaching the essentials of applying the principles of Preach My Gospel.

Sister Beckstrand did a marvelous job teaching the missionaries that "Preach My Gospel" is for life.  You must take the principles and apply them throughout your life as you teach your future families.  We must become a "Preach My Gospel" people in order to withstand the temptations and snares of the evil one.  Raise your family up to become "Preach My Gospel" saints.

 Sister Beckstrand then told the story of "Lucifer and the Big Fish" to help us understand that we can never let down our guard and fall back into old habits.  We all learned to stay away from Satan's hook.

 Tuesday, September 1, 2015, Zone Conference was held at the Gubbängen Chapel for the Norrland and Stockholm Zones.  Here is the Norrland Zone.

Trying to get the Stockholm Zone to come to order..........

Okay, here is the Stockholm Zone.

More fun during lunch and picture time with Sister Beckstrand......

President Beckstrand and Elder Wood trying to take a "selfie"........

Lunch time at Gubbängen....... Pick out your missionary......

President Palm with a few Elders.....

Elder and Sister Koyle.  They do such a great job for us in our conferences.  Thank You!

No room left at the tables, so we go ahead and eat on the stage.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015, we traveled to Västerhaninge to meet with the Stockholm South and Södertälje Zones.  Here is the Stockholm South Zone.

Here is the Södertälje Zone.

And here, President Beckstrand says, enough with the pictures, let's eat!

Lunch time at Västerhaninge......Pick out your missionary........

Sister Bird, Sister Beckstrand, and Sister Wood after Zone Conference.

Elder and Sister Bird, who will be leaving Sweden and heading to the Czech Slovak Mission in October, to fill a need of Records Preservation Couple there.  Also in the picture, Sister and President Beckstrand, and Sister and Elder Wood.

Friday, September 4, 2015, we traveled to Utby Chapel, for Zone Conference with the Göteborg and Malmö Zones.  Here is the Göteborg Zone.

And here is the Malmö Zone.

Lunch time in Utby.........Pick out your missionary......

And, another round of Zone Conferences are in the books.  What a great time with all of our missionaries in this great big beautiful land called Sweden!

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