Monday, November 7, 2016

Fall Zone Conference

With the advent of Fall, we kicken off our Fall Zone Conference schedule with a visit to the Gubbängen Ward on Tuesday, September 20, 2016 to meet with the Norrland and Stockholm Zones.  President Beckstrand taught our missionaries the importance of the Book of Mormon in this great work and how it came forth.

President Beckstrand taught of the importance of the Prophet Joseph Smith and how he truly is the Prophet of the Restoration.  President bore strong witness of the Prophet Joseph and testified that Joseph Smith was and is a true Prophet of God and of his thankfulness to Joseph Smith that he had the courage to ask God the questions of his heart.

Our Assistants, Elder Bradshaw and Elder Halterman, taught on the "Lens of Application", how we can apply the Book of Mormon in our teaching with faith to help others come to the knowledge of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon.

They invited a special friend, Marimba, a new convert, to come and share her conversion story and how the Book of Mormon was a key to her feeling the Spirit and knowing that the things the missionaries taught were true.

 In the afternoon, we were pleased to listen to Elders Larson, Blackburn, Halterman, and Baquedano share a beautiful music number with us, "Brightly Beams our Father's Mercy."

Then, Sister Beckstrand taught us about "Rending the Veil of Unbelief" in building our personal testimony.

She shared with us the story of the Brother of Jared from the Book of Mormon and how he had such incredible faith in Jesus Christ.  To the point, that he saw the finger of the Lord and then was permited to see Jesus Christ because of his great faith.  His example should motivate each of us to develop our faith each day.

Just before lunch, we try to round up the troops for Zone Elder Olson and Sister Beckstrand try to sneak a quick picture in.

Members of the Norrland Zone.

Members of the Stockholm Zone.

And now, let's go eat lunch.........

Alright, everybody in the church building, you too, Elder Jensen.....

Lunch time, so go ahead and pick out your Missionary.........

Wednesday, September 21, 2016, we traveled to the brand new Handen Ward Building for our next Zone Conference.  Here we met with the Stockholm South and Södertälje Zones.

 The Chapel, which is breath taking in It's beauty.

President Beckstrand again taught of the importance of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon.

Our Assistants taught on the "Lens of Application" and how we can apply the Book of Mormon in our Missionary labors.

And, we were fortunate to have Marimba Jon us again to tell her conversion story.

Marimba answered questions from the missionaries with respect to how they can apply the Book of Mormon more in the work with investigators.

Sister Beckstrand then instructed our missionaries on how they can build solid testimonies by "Rending the Veil of Unbelief."

Elder Holt, with Elder Hart at the piano, provided a beautiful solo, "Savior, Redeemer of my Soul" which was wonderful.

Always up for a selfie......Elders Burton and Hart.

Members of the Stockholm South Zone.

Members of the Södertälje Zone.

Time for lunch.......pick out your Missionary.

Thursday, September 22, 2016, we found ourselves in Göteborg at the Västra Frölunda Chapel for our Zone Conference with the Göteborg and Malmö Zones.  Our Assistants did another great job teaching our missionaries.  We love them.

We were joined by Peter Vinterflod, a convert who told his conversion story to the missionaries.

 President and Sister Beckstrand enjoying the testimony of Brother Vinterflod.

Members of the Malmö Zone.

Members of the Göteborg Zone.

And now, lunch time, so pick out your Missionary.......

A very special "Thank You" to Elder and Sister Watson and Elder and Sister Mitchell for their help in feeding these hungry missionaries.

After lunch, we were honored to hear Elder Frankman and Elder Duke, accompanied by Elder Castleton-Rudolph, sing "Testimony" which was exceptional.  Thank you to all who helped make this round of Fall Zone Conferences amazing.

Sister Beckstrand, putting the finishing touch on Zone Conference with her teaching and then the special Letter surprise for our missionaries.  Letters from home!!!!!!!

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