Thursday, July 7, 2016

July 2016 Arrivals!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016.  We traveled to Arlanda Airport to greet our new missionaries coming in from the Provo MTC.  This group is excited and ready to go to work teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Pictured from left to right are:  President and Sister Beckstrand, Sister Wagner, Elder Halterman, Sister Matwaychuk, Elder Christley, Sister Greeff, Elder Adcox, Elder Stapley, Elder Payne, Elder Jensen, Elder Carlson, Elder Brown, Sister Wagner, Elder Cotton, Sister McWhorter, Sister Sidwell, Elder Bradshaw, Elder Hemmingsen, Sister and Elder Clouse, and Sister and Elder Koyle.
 Time to load up the luggage and make our way to Migrationskontoret.
 The final pieces and then we are off........

The sisters standing in front of the Stadshus in Stockholm.  Left to right are:  Sister Matwaychuk, Sister Greeff, Sister Sidwell, Sister McWhorter, Sister Wagner, and Sister Wagner.

 The Elders take their turn in front of the Stadshus.  Left to right:  Elder Stapley, Elder Carlson, Elder Jensen, Elder Brown, and Elder Cotton.

And the entire group together.  Elder Cotton, Elder Stapley, Elder Jensen, Elder Brown, Elder Bradshaw, Sister Sidwell, Elder Halterman, Sister Greeff, Elder Hemmingsen, Sister Wagner, Elder Carlson, Sister McWhorter, Sister Matwaychuk, Sister Wagner, and Sister and President Beckstrand.

Looking sharp and ready to go, downtown Stockholm.

 Looking for those who are prepared to receive the message of truth.

Great bunch of Sister missionaries, with Sister Beckstrand.
 Helaman's warriors gettin' after it.

The Priesthood in action.  Our Office crew, who handle all the baggage for us.  Elder Halterman, Elder Bradshaw, Elder Payne, Elder Adcox, Elder Clouse, Elder Hemmingsen, Elder Christley, and President Beckstrand.

 Wednesday, July 6, 2016.  The trainers are ready to find out who they will be training.

 Final instructions are given to the new missionaries by President Beckstrand.

Sister Sidwell will be trained by Sister Hatch.

 Sister Sidwell will be serving in Sundsvall with Sister Hatch.

Sister McWhorter will be trained by Sister Pullins.
 Sister McWhorter will be serving in Södertaälje with Sister Pullins.

Sister Wagner will be trained by Sister Bourelle.

 Sister Wagner will be serving in Lund with Sister Bourelle.

Sister Wagner will be trained by Sister Barrett.

 Sister Wagner will be serving in Västra Frölunda with Sister Barrett.

Sister Greeff will be trained by Sister Moffat.
 Sister Greeff will be serving in Luleå with Sister Moffat.

Sister Matwaychuk will be trained by Sister Mecham.
 Sister Matwaychuk will be serving in Uppsala with Sister Mecham.

Elder Carlson will be trained by Elder Cragun.

 Elder Carlson will be serving in Utby with Elder Cragun.

Elder Brown will be trained by Elder Nelson.
 Elder Brown will be serving in Karlstad with Elder Nelson.

Elder Jensen will be trained by Elder Thacker.
 Elder Jensen will be serving in Karlskrona with Elder Thacker.

Elder Stapley will be trained by Elder Johnson.
 Elder Stapley will be serving in Trollhättan with Elder Johnson.

Elder Cotton will be trained by Elder Carlson.

 Elder Cotton will be serving in Boden (Luleå) with Elder Carlson.

The Assistants provide some last instruction to the new missionaries and their companions.

 Elder Hemmingsen seems promised to take on his next transfer, the Tri-State Area.

And as Elder Hemmingsen departs, Elder Halterman and Elder Bradshaw seem promised to handle the entire country and lead the mission into fertile ground.

Before they take off for their assigned areas, it is time to stock up on a favorite, Swedish Meatballs


Wednesday, July 6, 2016.
As one group comes to Sweden, another sends their final day in Sweden with us at the temple.
Another great group of dedicated missionaries and we again will certainly miss them.  Left to right front row:  Elder Bradley, Elder Heiner, Elder Smith, Elder Treat, Elder Peterson, Elder Hemmingsen, and President Beckstrand.  Back row, left to right:  Sister Taylor, Sister Crawford, Sister Banks, Sister Hong, Sister Lund, Sister Harkness, and Sister Beckstrand.

 The temple grounds are always so well kepted.

 Alright.......We did It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our final meal together, as these Elders and Sisters ready themselves to return home to their loved ones.  We will miss you.  Starting with the Elders in front:  Elder Peterson, Elder Treat, Elder Hemmingsen, Elder Heiner, Elder Smith, Elder Bradley, Sister Lund, Sister Hong, Sister Taylor, Sister Banks, Sister Crawford, and Sister Harkness.

 Elder and Sister Clouse and Elder and Sister Koyle.

After dinner and our final testimony meeting with the Elders and Sisters, President Beckstrand taught one final lesson to the missionaries.  The finer art of enjoying cake and gravy........
 Elder Hemmingsen is not quite sure of this delicacy.

 But Boy oh Boy, look how the missionaries love this tasty treat.

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