Monday, March 14, 2016

Spring Arrivals

Spring Arrivals!!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016, we once again found ourselves at Arlanda Airport to welcome in the newest batch of missionaries from the Provo MTC.  This group comes loaded with excitement and a Senior Couple ready to go to work.  Pictured below, left to right, are:  Elder and Sister Clouse, President and Sister Beckstrand, Sister Moffat, Elder Archibald, Sister Hatch, Elder Olsen, Sister A. Anderson, Elder Weaver, Sister Pullins, Elder Hemmingsen, Sister M. Anderson, Sister McClatchie, Elder Benson, Elder and Sister Watson, Elder and Sister Koyle.

Millard County is well represented here in Sweden.  Sister Koyle (Kanosh), Sister Watson (Fillmore), and Sister Beckstrand (Meadow).

 Loading up the troops, preparing for the ride to Migrations Office in Stockholm.

 Elder Koyle helping Elder and Sister Watson with their luggage.

The new missionaries with the Stadshus in the background.  This is where the Nobel Prize banquet is held each year.  Elder and Sister Watson, Elder Benson, Sister M. Anderson, Sister Pullins, Sister Hatch, Sister Moffat, Sister A. Anderson, Sister McClatchie, Sister and President Beckstrand, Elder Archibald, and Elder Hemmingsen.

Here they are getting ready to tackle Sweden.

Looking toward their new adventure as missionaries for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Elder and Sister Watson, also ready for going to work with the Swedish YSA.

Our wonderful assistants, Elder Archibald and Elder Hemmingsen.

 President and Sister Beckstrand, anxious for this new group to experience success here in Sweden.

 Our lone Elder in the group, Elder Benson, is eager to preach the gospel to the land of Sweden.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016, we met at the Täby Chapel for new Missionary orientation and to find out where the Lord has called these new missionaries to start and with whom.
Elder Benson will be trained by Elder Israelsen.

Elder Benson will be serving in Karlskrona with Elder Israelsen.

Sister Hatch will be trained by Sister Nielsen.

 Sister Hatch will be serving in Västerhaninge with Sister Nielsen.

Sister Moffat will be trained by Sister Barrett.

 Sister Moffat will be serving in Gävle with Sister Barrett.

Sister McClatchie will be trained by Sister Lund.
 Sister McClatchie will serving in Täby with Sister Lund.

Sister A. Anderson will be trained by Sister Woolsey.

 Sister A. Anderson will be serving in Örebro with Sister Woolsey.

Sister M. Anderson will be trained by Sister Stoughton.

 Sister M. Anderson will be serving in Stockholm with Sister Stoughton.

Sister Pullins will be trained by Sister Mecham.

 Sister Pullins will be serving in Luleå with Sister Mecham.

Elder and Sister Watson reading their assignment letter.
 Elder and Sister Watson will be training each other.
 Elder and Sister Watson will be serving in the Göteborg YSA Center, Göteborg Stake.

Elder Archibald and Elder Hemmingsen continue to be on the look out for any missionary ready to serve in this great land.

 After all the training and excitement, it is time for lunch.  Our traditional lunch of Swedish Meatballs, with the trimmings is served to our missionaries before they board the trains and planes taking them to their new areas.

After the new Missionary Orientation, we dashed off to the temple for our session with our missionaries who will be returning home in the morning.  This is a great group of sisters and one elder, and we will miss them so much.  Pictured front row, left to right:  Sister Hoke, Sister Jacobs, Sister Blanchette (short time missionary), and Sister Johanson.  Next row:  Sister Allen, Sister Kimball, Sister Savage, Sister Beckstrand.  Back row:  Sister Lindsay, Sister Kamauoha, Sister Poulson, Elder Albertsen, and President Beckstrand.

 Job well done, Missionaries!!!!!!

Our farewell dinner for this wonderful group of missionaries.  We will miss them.  Clockwise, starting with Elder Albertsen, Sister Kimball, Sister Kamauoha, Sister Savage, Sister Allen, Sister Hoke, Sister Jacobs, Sister Poulson, Sister Lindsay, Sister Blanchette, and Sister Johanson.

Elder and Sister Clouse, Sister Beckstrand, Elder and Sister Watson, and Elder and Sister Koyle.

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