Monday, February 15, 2016

Send Offs and Welcomes!!

The Last Round-up with Elder Sahlin!!!
January 2016, and the Assistants and President and Sister Beckstrand made the trip to Norrland to visit and interview with our missionaries in the North country.  This was extra special because it was our last opportunity to be out on the road with Elder Sahlin, our Senior Assistant.  We are truly grateful to our Father in Heaven for such fine young men and great missionaries here in this mission.  Below, President Beckstrand gets the Royal treatment from his assistants, Elder Sahlin, Elder Archibald, and Elder Hemmingsen.  This is what we call "Spark" powered.

A classic Norrland "selfie" with Elder Hemmingsen, Elder Archibald, Sister Beckstrand, Elder Sahlin, and President Beckstrand.

President and Sister Beckstrand enjoying the wonderful weather in Norrland (-40 degrees).

Monday, January 18, 2016,  P-Day at the Stockholm YSA Center.  We held a surprise "Going Home" party for Elder Sahlin.  Many of the missionaries around the Stockholm area came in on their P-Day to honor this wonderful missionary.  We will truly miss his spirit and valiant testimony but we know he won't be far away, since Göteborg is his home.  We had a great time with Elder Sahlin today and we wish him all the best as he turns a new chapter in his Book of Life.  Thank you Elder Sahlin for all that you have done for each of us here in the Sweden Stockholm Mission.  We love you!!!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016, we received a new couple to our mission, Elder and Sister Clouse, from Mesa, Arizona.  We are so happy to have them here.  Their daughter was our Sister Clouse when we first arrived in Sweden.  How lucky we are to be able to work and serve with them for the next 18 months.  Pictured below are:  Elder Weaver, Elder Olson, Elder and Sister Koyle, Sister Beckstrand, Sister and Elder Clouse, President Beckstrand, Elder Hemmingsen, Elder Sahlin, and Elder Archibald.

Two hours later, we were thrilled to receive our lone Sister missionary, Sister Wilson, from the Provo MTC.  Sister Wilson comes to us from Australia.  We are so excited to have her join our missionary team.  Pictured below are:  President and Sister Beckstrand, Sister Taylor, Sister Wilson, Elder Weaver, Elder Olson, Elder Sahlin, Elder Hemmingsen, and Elder Archibald.

Freezing at the Stadshus in Stockholm.  Pictured are:  President and Sister Beckstrand, Sister Wilson, Sister Taylor, Elder Archibald, Elder Hemmingsen, and Elder Sahlin.

Elder Sahlin with Sister and President Beckstrand, with the Stadshus in the background on a blustery winter day in Stockholm.

President and Sister Beckstrand with Sister Wilson, with Södermalm in the background.

Elder and Sister Clouse will be serving in the Mission Office, here in Enebyberg.

Sister Taylor with Sister Wilson at the Stadshus in Stockholm.

Sister Wilson will be trained by Sister Taylor.

Sister Wilson will be serving in Jönköping with Sister Taylor.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016, we arrived at the Stockholm Temple for our last temple session with these two wonderful missionaries, who have completed their missions and will be returning home tomorrow.  Pictured are:  Sister Allred, Sister Beckstrand, Elder Sahlin, and President Beckstrand.

 A mighty cheer for a job well done.  Return with Honor for both Sister Allred and Elder Sahlin.  Thank you for your wonderful examples, we will miss you and we love you!
 A last picture of the Mission Office Crew at the temple:  Elder Weaver, Elder Olson, Elder Sahlin, Elder Archibald, and Elder Hemmingsen.

After the temple, we went for our farewell dinner.  With just two going home, we went out on the town, to TGI Fridays, and enjoyed a wonderful dinner.  Sister Beckstrand, Sister Allred, Elder Sahlin, Elder Olson, Elder Weaver, Elder Archibald, and Elder Hemmingsen.

Hold those French Fries high........Sister Allred and Elder Sahlin.

Dinner for two very deserving missionaries.

After dinner at TGI Fridays, we came home to have a little desert and final interviews and our Closing testimony meeting.  Pictured here are Elder Weaver, Elder Sahlin, Elder Hemmingsen, and Sister Beckstrand.

Elder Archibald, Elder Olson, and Sister Allred.

The last chore of the evening, Sister Beckstrand making her famous Breakfast Burritos for those departing missionaries.  Elder Hemmingsen giving her a hand with scrambling the eggs.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016, we hosted our MLC (Missionary Leadership Council) at the mission home.  We started with a wonderful lunch prepared by Sister Beckstrand.  Everyone loved the chicken enchiladas, salad, chips, and everyones favorite, Snot Bars.

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