Monday, January 25, 2016

They Have Landed!

The Wait is Over!!!!!  They have landed!!!!
Tuesday, December 8, 2015, was a very busy day for us.  Our large group of 11 Elders who have been waiting state side for their visas finally arrived in Stockholm.  We are so glad to finally have them here.  Pictured below, left to right, front row:  Elder Sahlin, Elder Archibald, Elder Burton, Elder Loertscher, Elder Kilton, Elder Gentry, Elder Barnes, and Sister Beckstrand.   Back row, left to right:  Elder Adcox, Elder Mason, Elder Lloyd, Elder Hyatt, Elder Fawcett, Elder Hatch, and President Beckstrand.

And with them, the new group from the Provo MTC also arrived.  So many great missionaries to help us in our quest to spread the gospel here in Sweden.  Pictured below are, front row, left to right:  Elder Sahlin, Elder Archibald, Sister Hall, Sister Davis, Sister May, Sister Campbell, Sister Svenssson, Sister Haikkola, Sister Beckstrand and President Beckstrand.  Back row, left to right:  Elder Jamsa, Elder Moulton, Elder Scott, Elder Dean, Elder Roylance, Elder Johnson, Elder Bentson, Elder Schultz, Elder Wilson, Elder Banks, and Elder Nielsen.

Our visa waiters in Sigtuna, by the lake.  Pictured are:  Elder Barnes, Elder Loertscher, Elder Burton, Elder Hatch, Elder Fawcett, Elder Gentry, Elder Adcox, Elder Hyatt, Elder Kilton, Elder Lloyd, and Elder Mason.

The Provo MTC group in Sigtuna, down by the lake.  Pictured are left to right:  Sister Campbell, Elder Wilson, Sister Hall, Elder Roylance, Elder Dean, Sister Svensson, Elder Bentson, Elder Banks, Sister Haikkola, Elder Schultz, Sister Davis, Elder Nielsen, Elder Scott, Sister May, Elder Jamsa, Elder Moulton, and Elder Johnson.

 Elders Hyatt, Hatch, Burton, Fawcett, Mason, Lloyd, Kilton, Gentry, Barnes, Adcox, and Loertscher standing in front of an old church ruin in Sigtuna.

Elders Johnson, Banks, Roylance, Scott, Jamsa, Moulton, Dean, Wilson, Schultz, Bentson and Nielsen, along with Sisters Davis, May, Svensson, Haikkola, Campbell, and Hall.  Standing in front of an old church ruin in Sigtuna.

Sister Beckstrand providing the guiden tour of Sigtuna, one of Sweden's oldest towns.

 Elder Burke, one of our Office Elders, standing in front of his favorite foods.....tomater.

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