Monday, December 8, 2014

Zone Training and Fun

November 28, 2014, Stockholm Zone Training held at the Gubbängen Chapel.  Elder Held and Elder Noso, Zone Leaders, conducted the training.

 Baptismal service in Eskilstuna.  Pictured left to right are Elder Jones, Johan, and Elder Orr.

 Baptismal service in Jakobsberg.  Pictured left to right are Elder Christensen, Johannes, Elder Johnson, and Elder Smith.

 December 2, 2014, Elder and Sister Anywanyu stayed at the mission home as they completed their 6 month Church Service Mission.  They were stationed on Gotland where Elder Anywanyu served as the Visby Branch President for 6 months.  They have done a masterful job and we will miss them as they now return home to Lund, Sweden, and greet their son as he finishes his mission to the Alpine German Speaking MIssion.

 On December 4, 2014, we participated in the Örebro and Västerås District Meeting, held in Örebro.  After meeting we enjoyed lunch with Elder Sandquist, Elder Milne, Elder Ahlstrom, Elder Zaugg, Sister Brown, Elder Brown, Elder Corbin, Sister Byrd, Sister Sandelin, and Elder Dahle.
 After meeting and interviews, Sister Beckstrand wanted to see the Örebro Slottet.  So, we went to show her the castle.

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