Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Crazy Times

Baptismal service for Ziping and Zhixiang Hu in Täby Ward.  Pictured are Elder Mangum, Ziping, Zhixiang, Brother Lane, and Elder Haddon.  October 9, 2014.

 October 7, 2014.  Farewell dinner for our wonderful office couple, Elder and Sister Lowry.  Pictured from front going clockwise, Elder Tolley, Sister Tolley, Sister Lowry, Elder Lowry, Elder Taylor, Sister Taylor, and Sister Beckstrand.

 One final moment together with a great office couple, who helped us so much to make a smooth transition to the mission.  Sister Lowry and Elder Lowry, you will be missed and we will forever remember your great contributions to the Sweden Stockholm Mission.

President Beckstrand, Sister Beckstrand, Sister Lowry and Elder Lowry, as we say good-bye to these wonderful missionaries.  May The Lord bless you always for your service here in Sweden.

 Mission Leadership Council held in Täby Ward on October 8, 2014.

 Our great members of the Mission Leadership Council.  This is a great group of missionary leaders.
Sister Beckstrand teaching our Mission Leadership Council members about the importance of giving rather than taking.
 Our Sister Training Leaders, valuable members of our Mission Leadership Council.  Pictured are Sister Ludwig, Sister Guinn, Sister Beckstrand, Sister Anderson, Sister Byrd, Sister LaFontaine, and Sister Hill.

 President and Sister Beckstrand at Mission Leadership Council.
Hey, how did these Elders get in here?  Elder Allen and Elder Stinnett, our great Office Elders.
 October 14, 2014, we received a great group of new missionaries from the Provo MTC.  Here they are arriving at Arlanda airport in Stockholm and setting their feet on Swedish soil.

 Time to grab the bags and head to the van in order to make our way to the Mission Office and Home.
 Loading up the bags for our 20 minute journey.

Here is our new group posing for a photo op in front of the Stads Hus in downtown Stockholm.

  Loading time and getting ready for Stockholm and the migration office.
 Due to 3 Bank robberies in downtown Stockholm on this day, we were not able to go street contacting with this group, so instead, we decided we would take them out to see the Stockholm Temple and get another photo op.

 Elder Haddon and Elder Mangum, driving the Blue Van with a load full of our new missionaries as we leave the temple grounds and head for the Mission Office for training and orientation.

 Wednesday morning, October 15, 2014, our new group assembles at the Täby Chapel for final teaching and instructions and then to find out where their first assignment will be and who will be their trainer companion.
And here are our new trainers for this great group of new missionaries.  The suspense builds.....

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  1. Absolutely beautiful missionaries. They are so needed and are true heros.