Monday, September 22, 2014

More Swedish Adventures

The Elders and Sisters serving in the Norrland Zone, and working with the Umeå District units.  Sunday, September 14, 2014, at Umeå District Conference.

 The Elders and Sisters together with President and Sister Beckstrand and Elder Ruiz de Mendoza, Area Seventy from Spain.

 Mission Leadership Conference held at Täby Chapel on Wednesday, September 10, 2014.  Enjoying lunch before the conference.

Jakobsberg District Training at Täby Chapel, September 5, 2014.  Elder Christensen, District Leader conducted the training.

President and Sister Beckstrand with President and Sister Jälmbrandt in Umeå Sweden, Sunday, September 14, 2014.  Umeå District Conference.

 The welcoming committee with Elder and Sister Delgado as they arrive in the mission field, Tuesday, September 15, 2014, Arlanda Airport in Stockholm Sweden.

A last stop at the cliffs of Visby to see the incredible view of Visby and the Baltic Sea.

 Senior Couples Conference on Gotland.  September 17-19, 2014.  The arrival at the Harbor in Visby.  We enjoyed a great two and a half days with our Senior Couples and really got to know them each much better.  WE are truly blessed to have such great couples in our mission.

 Sister Beckstrand and Sister Taylor enjoying our favorite place on the island, the Visby Ice Cream place.  Greatest ice cream in the world is found right here in Visby.

Getting ready for the tour of Visby and Gotland on Friday morning, September 18, 2014.

 A stop at the old fishing village on Gotland.

 A look at the small harbor at the old fishing village.

More little stugas at the old fishing village.

 Looking out at the old tower with the Baltic Sea in the background.

 The old original wall surrounding the city of Visby.
  Another view of the old wall around Visby.

 Looking out of the old church in Visby toward the heavens.

 Inside the old church, looking at the massive columns built so long ago.
 Needless to say, our group of Senior Couples absolutely loved our retreat to Gotland and Visby.
We had a nice stop at the Mästerby Kyrka on Gotland.  This church was built in 1200 AD and was truly fascinating to go through.

 A look inside the Mästerby Kyrka.  Looking toward where the Priest delivers his sermons.
A final large look at the inside of Mästerby Kyrka on Gotland.

 Here is a look at the group outside the Mästerby Kyrka after our time spent here.

 And here we are with our tour guide.

A side look at the Mästerby Kyrka.

Before the tour, Elder Coombs took the liberty to roast Elder Lowry, since this will be his last time together with us.  Elder and Sister Lowry will be returning to Utah on October 8, 2014.  We will miss them and their excellent service to the entire mission.

 This is our tour guide.  Sister Hummel is a member of the Visby Branch and she is from Germany.  She provided an excellent tour for our group all day long.  Here we are learning about the concrete sheep place around Visby.
And, here we go inside the wall to the old city of Visby.

 Elder Tolley, thinking about his next apartment deal for the missionaries on Gotland.
 Elder and Sister Coombs in Visby, on Gotland.
 One of the old churches in Visby.

 The group inside one of the old churches in Visby.
 An old baptism font at the old church.

An old burial top in the old church in Visby.
 Here we are looking at the oldest warehouse in Visby.
 Learning more about Visby from our tour guide, Sister Hummel.
President and Sister Beckstrand enjoying a moment together in Visby.

 Elder and Sister Taylor in Visby, on Gotland.
 Elder and Sister Brown in Visby, on Gotland.
The old tower of the wall in Visby.

 Okay, Sister Taylor all of a sudden found a different man, Elder Kohler.  How did this happen?
 Sister Taylor looking around for her man of all men, Elder Taylor.
Elder and Sister Kohler with their daughter Sister Kohler.

We made a stop at the old Viking Burial grounds on Gotland.  Notice the shape of the rocks that form what looks like an old Viking Ship.

 Burial spot for a small community of Vikings.  We understand that this pre dates Christ's birth.

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