Sunday, August 31, 2014

Gospel is Spreading!

Baptismal picture from some of our Sister Missionaries and their baptismal candidate
Baptismal picture from Stockholm area.  From left to right are Elder Johnson, Elder Lofgren, Harold, YSA member leaving for his mission to New Zealand, and Elder Faylor.
 From left to right, Liam, Elder Ahlstrom, and Elder Morley.

Baptismal pictures for Sergei in Norrland, Luleå Branch.  From left to right, Elder Archibald, Sergei, Elder Noso, member, Sister Eborn, and Sister Bolton.
Peter's baptism in Luleå Branch.  Pictured left to right, Elder Noso, Peter, Elder Workman.  Second Picture, Sister Faux, Sister Eborn, Peter, Elder Workman, and Elder Noso.

 Baptismal picture for Catherine.  From left to right, Elder Kapp, Catherine, and Elder Simas.

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